Time to Buy an Apple Watch?

Here are the best Apple Watch deals right now

Time to Buy an Apple Watch?
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Thinking about picking up a new Apple Watch? It’s never a bad idea to wait until there’s a good deal, and thankfully, those happen with some regularity.

There are currently three models to choose from, all of which support watchOS 7. The latest model, and the highest end, is the Apple Watch Series 6 with GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity, which starts at $399. If that’s a little too expensive, you can drop about $120 off the price by buying an Apple Watch SE, which also launched this fall.

Finally, the three-year-old Series 3 is the most affordable Apple Watch model to date. It has a starting retail price of $199, but it frequently goes on sale. If you’re looking for something to last a few years, though, it’s probably worth looking at one of the other two watches, as it’s not clear how much longer Apple will deliver software updates to the Series 3.

While deals are a fairly regular occurrence, there will be times where there are no price drops on new models. For those times, we also include some deals on refurbished models.

Apple Watch Series 3 deals

The regular price for the 38mm Series 3 is $199 ($229 for the 42mm), which is a decent deal. It’s a great entry-level Apple Watch if you are looking for a smartwatch with reliable battery life and don’t want to burn a massive hole in your wallet.

Apple Watch

Prices taken at time of publishing.

The Apple Watch Series 3 is the most affordable Watch in Apple’s lineup, and it makes a good entry-level Apple wearable.

  • $169 at Amazon
  • $169 at Walmart


Apple Watch Series 3 (non-LTE) review: third time’s the charm

Currently, the 38mm Series 3 is $169 at Amazon and Walmart, which is $30 off its usual price of $199. If you are looking for the Series 3 in 42mm, Amazon and Walmart, have knocked $30 off its price as well, bringing it down to $199.

Apple Watch SE deals

Starting at $279 for a 40mm version or $309 for the 44mm, the Apple Watch SE is a good midrange wearable and shares some features also found on the flagship Series 6 model, such as a built-in accelerometer and hand-washing detection. But it doesn’t have the always-on display found on the Series 5 and Series 6.

Prices taken at time of publishing.

Apple’s midrange wearable, the Apple Watch SE serves as a step up from the Series 3, with similar features and design as the flagship Series 6.

  • $289 at Amazon
  • $289 at Walmart


Apple Watch SE review: pay a lot less to give up only a little

The best deal right now on the Apple Watch SE 40mm with GPS is at Amazon, which has knocked $10 off its normal price in gold, bringing the price down to $269.

The 44mm with GPS is also on sale at several retailers. The lowest you can currently get this model for at Amazon is $289 in rose gold and space gray. Walmart also has this model on sale for $289 in rose gold and space gray.

Apple Watch Series 5 deals

The Apple Watch Series 5 was released in 2019 and was discontinued roughly a year after release once the Series 6 was announced. Similar to its successor, the Series 5 includes an always-on display, un the Apple Watch SE. It also includes the ability to take EKGs.


Apple Watch Series 5 review: the best smartwatch

The best deal we found is at $319, where you can get the 40mm Series 5 with a silver aluminum case with a black-and-white Nike band that supports GPS and cellular networks (if you pay for a monthly plan). You can buy a silver cased Series 5 in the 40mm or 44mm sizes for $349.

Apple Watch Series 6 deals

The flagship Apple Watch comes in two sizes, 40mm and 44mm, with respective starting costs of $399 and $429. The Apple Watch Series 6 features more sensors than previous models, including a sensor that allows the device to detect your body's blood oxygen levels.


Apple Watch Series 6 review: minute improvements

If you are looking for the 40mm with GPS, Amazon has the lowest price right now for this model: $349 if you buy the watch in red. Otherwise, you can pay $374 for navy blue, rose gold, space gray, and white.

Walmart has the Series 6 40mm in red for $349. Otherwise, you can buy a white aluminum case with a white band available for $399; space gray and navy blue are also available at this price, but stock is low.

If you want a 40mm model that supports GPS and Cellular, Amazon has this configuration down to its lowest price of $430 if you buy in silver, space gray, or red.

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Should you buy an Apple Watch in 2021?

Time to Buy an Apple Watch?

Best answer: Absolutely! Whether you need a full standalone cellular watch so you can work out and leave your phone behind or a WiFi-only model with access to the massive ecosystems of apps and features, the Apple Watch is the most popular watch in the world today.

These days, you need a computer that fits in your pocket. That's what makes iPhone so popular. You probably also still need a computer for your lap or your desk. But a computer for your wrist? That feels more an accessory at best, and extravagance at worst. Yet Apple Watch has proven over the last few years that it can also come to feel indispensable.

Amazon is offering some pretty sweet discounts on the Apple Watch Series 4 to celebrate its Prime Day event.

Starting at $324

Whether you should get an Apple Watch or not comes down to how compelling any of the main features are for your lifestyle, either by themselves or when combined together.

Those features include not only timekeeping but health and fitness tracking, notifications and communications, Apple Pay and HomeKit automation.

And the Apple Watch does currently require an iPhone to set up, so if you're on Android, it's time to decide whether the watch matters enough to you to switch.

Put simply: The Apple Watch is the shuttlecraft to an iPhone's starship. Most of what you can do on Watch, you can also do on iPhone — but not as conveniently. And convenience can be a killer feature.

For timekeeping

It's not an uncommon story: You stopped wearing a watch because your iPhone had a big clock right on the Lock screen, only a pocket- or bag-pull away. It's the old single- vs. multi-tasker debate, and why convergent devices the iPhone proved so popular in the first place.

The Apple Watch is also a convergent device, and that convergence can be seen in every aspect, including how it tells time.

When you want to see the clock on your Apple Watch, you don't have to dig into your pocket or reach for your bag. You simply turn your wrist, the screen lights up, and you can view the time and date.

It can be just that simple or, in the grand tradition of timekeeping, you can add “complications”.

The Watch's faces range from minimal to infographic to utilitarian to motion graphics to astronomy to, well, Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Each face also includes a number of complications which offer even more data, if you want to enable them.

Complications can include features as subtle as a monogram for personalization, but also world clocks, alarms, a stopwatch, the weather, sunrise and sunset, activity levels, phases of the moon, upcoming appointments, and stock quotes.

You can have complications for your apps as well, so you can see your ETA, access your voice recorder, see sports scores, measure your activity, or even tell how much distance is left before your Pokémon eggs hatch. (Seriously.)

If that level of efficiency is intriguing to you, the Apple Watch might be just intriguing to you.

For notifications

You already get notifications on your iPhone. You can tell when they come in thanks to the beep, buzz, or bubble on your Lock screen. With the Apple Watch, however, those notifications can appear on your wrist, sending you a subtle tap that doesn't even light up the display unless you turn the Watch to signal your interest.

Then, you only get a short summary of the information, providing the app name along with a brief bit of context. From there, you get to decide if you want to stop what you're doing and view more.

There's also a Notification Center, just on iPhone, so you can swipe down and glance at everything and anything that's come in and quickly see what's happening and what, potentially, you need to take care of. And you can do it without reaching into your pocket or bag.

messages, turn-by-turn directions, airplane boarding passes, coffee cards, and other app interactions can benefit from being more easily accessible. If that appeals to you, Apple Watch might appeal to you.

For health and fitness

Apple has recently re-focused Watch marketing around health and fitness and it's no mystery as to why. With a GPS and an upgraded built-in heart-rate monitor on the latest Series 4 models, Apple Watch makes for a compelling exercise and wellness companion.

You automatically track all the basics, including standing and moving around as well as exercise, steps, and stairs climbed.

There's also a Workout app that's been specifically created to track your walks, runs, rides, rolls, and more. With improved water resistance for more recent Apple Watches, you can even track your swims and get detailed maps of your routes on land and sea.

Beginning with the Apple Watch Series 4, Apple has included an ECG, or electrocardiograph in the watch. Electrodes built into the Digital Crown and the back crystal work together with the ECG app to read your heart's electrical signals.

Customers in the United States, much of the European Union, as well as an expanding list of countries around the world, simply need to open the ECG app, place a finger on the digital crown, and wait for 30 seconds while measurements are taken.

The app will tell you whether you're experiencing normal (sinus) rhythm, or if you might be experiencing atrial fibrillation.

The Series 4 also packs hardware for fall detection. If you have this feature turned on, and you take a serious fall, the Apple Watch will issue an alert, allowing you to either dismiss it if you're not hurt, or call emergency services. If you don't respond to the alert within one minute, the watch will automatically contact emergency services for you.

With Activity Sharing, you share your achievements with the people closest to you. That way, when you reach a goal or they do, you can send a message or emoji to encourage them. Or to trash talk them. Whatever works for you.

Strava, Nike+, RunKeeper, and most other popular exercise apps have extensions for Apple Watch as well: You get to add the convenience of Apple Watch to whatever system and community you're already involved with.

If any of those features could help you live a healthier, fitter life, the Apple Watch might be all the help you need.

For Apple Pay

Apple Pay on Apple Watch is magic. Instead of having to fumble for your wallet or even your iPhone, you simply press a button on your Apple Watch, hold it close to the terminal, and you're done.

What makes it so great is that it's always right there on your wrist, it never reveals your real credit card number or personal information, and if it loses contact with your skin (via the heart rate monitor), it shuts off so no one else can use it.

In many countries, tap to pay is already ubiquitous. In the U.S., it's still rolling out. Yes, years later. Still. If you have a lot of tap-to-pay near you, the Apple Watch is especially compelling.

For communication

Apple Watch has basic phone and messaging features built right in, which makes it feel something straight science fiction. It's incredibly convenient, especially if you have a bigger iPhone you typically leave on a table or in a bag. When any call or message comes in, rather than scrambling for it, you can simply glance at your wrist.

For short conversations or replies, you can talk or text right from your watch.

For longer communications, you can start on your watch and smoothly transition to your phone, or you can just go get your phone once you see who's calling and messaging on your wrist.

You can even dictate or hand write short messages on Apple Watch, which makes it remarkably effective for quickly communicating on the go.

Series 4's GPS + Cellular model takes this one step further, letting you call, communicate, dictate, or write even when your iPhone is far away. Send a message on a boat in the middle of a lake or look up a friend's location while walking over to their place — whatever your heart desires, the Series 4 GPS + Cellular model lets you do it with or without your iPhone nearby.

If keeping in touch matters to you, the Apple Watch just might be the right touch for your wrist.

Remote control

The Apple Watch will let you control your Apple TV. It'll also let you remotely access your iPhone's camera, and thanks to Siri and HomeKit integration, it can even control the lights, thermometer, blinds, fans, and other connected devices in your home.

The possibilities for the Apple Watch are boundless. Not only does it mean never having to get up to turn off your lights, it means not even having to reach for your phone. You can adjust anything in your setup, right from your wrist.

Who shouldn't get an Apple Watch

If you…

  • don't want anything mechanical or digital on your wrist, at all, period, ever.
  • would rather reach for your iPhone or don't have an iPhone at all
  • simply want to wait for a future generation to see where wrist computing goes

… you probably don't want or need an Apple Watch.

Who should get an Apple watch


  • you want to spend less time on your iPhone and more time out and about
  • the idea of super-convenient tap-to-pay and fitness tracking appeals to you
  • you want to be able to glance at a call or message before deciding whether to reach for your phone — or avoid reaching at all
  • you want to experiment with the future right now, today

… you probably want to try out an Apple Watch.

The best version of the Apple Watch yet.

Between a slick new design with bigger displays, fall detection, and the built-in ECG, the Apple Watch Series 4 is the best Apple Watch yet. If you have yet to own an Apple Watch, this one deserves a serious look.

If you're still not sure about whether you should get an Apple Watch or not, check out our Apple Watch Forums for expert help and discussion. Also remember: You can visit an Apple Store if you have one nearby Series 4 Apple Watch out for yourself. You can even buy it, use it in your daily life for a week or so, keep it if you love it, and return it if you don't.

Updated May 2019: Updated for Apple Watch Series 4.

We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more.

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The best cheap Apple Watch deals and sales in March 2021

Time to Buy an Apple Watch?

If you're looking for the best cheap Apple Watch deals, then you've come to the right place. We've rounded up the best sales available online, which include everything from the 4th generation Apple Watch Series 3 to the all-new Apple Watch 6.

Our guide will not only find you the best Apple Watch deals, but we'll also help you decide which smartwatch is best for you.

Two Apple Watches were released in 2020, including the Apple Watch 6 and the budget Apple Watch SE.

Despite being newer Apple devices, we've already seen significant deals on both smartwatches. Right now, you can get the Apple Watch 6 on sale for $374(was $399) or score a nice $10 discount on the budget Apple Watch SE.

Thanks to the release of Apple's newer models, you can also find fantastic deals on older models the Apple Watch 3 on sale for just $169(was $199).

In the UK, today's best Apple Watch deals include the Apple Watch 6 marked down to £369, and the Apple Watch 3 on sale for just £197.

See more of today's best Apple Watch deals below, comparing prices for every model that's on sale online which include the Apple Watch 6, Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch 5, and the Apple Watch Series 3.

(Image credit: Apple)

The brand new flagship from Apple


The latest Apple Watch, the Series 6, debuted in September of 2020 with an introductory price of $399 / £379 – the same baseline costs as the 2019 Series 5.

The feature-rich Apple Watch 6 comes with a few key upgrades over last year's Series 5 – namely a new blood oxygen monitor (with accompanying app) and a brand new S6 dual-core processor, which Apple claims is 20% faster than last year's model.

Aside from these key upgrades, the always-on display is back, but it's been drastically improved with some neat new controls for notifications, allowing you to interact without fully waking up the watch.

You're also getting the latest watchOS 7 as standard with both of the new Apple Watches, which is bringing a few new fitness features, and a unique family sharing app that allows activities to be tracked across groups.

(Image credit: Apple)

A new mid-tier option from Apple


The Apple Watch SE is the other release from Apple last year as a more affordable alternative to the Series 6, coming in at a starting price of $279 / £269. 

New key features include the latest watchOS 7, which will enable this device to access many of the new upgrades the more expensive Series 6 is rocking, but at a more affordable price point.

Internally you're also getting the same altimeter, gyroscope, and accelerometer as the Series 6 – enough for all the main fitness apps, but you're missing out on the brand new blood oxygen monitor. 

All in all, this watch is definitely more stripped down than the fancier Series 6, but considering you're getting roughly the same amount of power on tap as the Series 5 at a lower price point and the new watchOS 7 – it's excellent value.

(Image credit: Apple)

Rare discounts on an excellent smartwatch


The Apple Watch 5 was released in 2019 with a starting price of $399 / £399 / AU$649 for the 40mm size and cost $429 / £429 / AU$699 for the larger 44mm size.

The Series 5 smartwatch now features an Always-on Retina display – fixing one of the users' biggest frustrations with the previous models.

The dimmed display will now display your current watch face at all times, lighting up when the watch detects the same wrist motion that would previously trigger the screen to wake. It also includes new location features a built-in compass and an updated Map app. 

On release, many users started reporting a decrease in battery life quality in the Series 5, an issue that didn't seem to improve by switching off the always-on display. This has since been resolved with the release of watchOS 6.1, suggesting that the battery-saving features of the always-on display weren't the issue at fault. 

The Apple Watch 5 also offers improved safety features with the ability to make international emergency calls in over 150 countries, even without your iPhone nearby. 

A great watch at a lower price


While the Apple Watch 3 was released back in 2017, it still remains a top-tier device in terms of fitness and longevity, with run and cycle tracking on board and a water-resistant casing for swimming, plus the heart rate monitor on the underside. And the LTE version comes with cellular connectivity so you can use it independently from your phone. 

You will be losing some of the design benefits of the newer models by opting for this cheaper Apple Watch price. The smaller screen and case size doesn't hold you back, but there's a much nicer option on the market with the latest chassis designs. The watch itself is slightly thicker, and runs on an older processor that won't have you blitzing through apps quite as quickly. 

Nevertheless, the Apple Watch 3 still stands as a strong smartwatch solution, especially if you're looking for something cheaper to use for fitness or music only.

It's far more affordable than the later models while still offering the latest software, and, thanks to Apple's continued support, it's generally found at most retailers.

Essentially, Apple Watch deals will center around this essential feature set that offers amazing value for money. 

Apple Watch deals: is the price worth it? 

Apple's hardware often comes with a high price tag, and the Apple Watch doesn't fall far from the tree. That said, if you're looking for a smartwatch to work with your iPhone no other brand comes close to offering the functionality of Apple's own timepiece.

While the Apple Watch price is still higher than many other brands, you're paying for integration with a massive number of apps you're already using on your iPhone.

Plus, with all the Apple Watch deals happening and the recent software updates to older models, you can easily grab a great bargain. 

Bands are not one-size-fits-all-budgets

Your Apple Watch literally isn’t complete without the best deals on Apple Watch bands. They make the geeky smartwatch stylish enough to show off to late adopters.

In fact, you’re going to want multiple cheap Apple Watch straps simply because more elegant bands are far from ideal for the gym. Vice versa, Sport Bands don’t cut it at the fancy dinner table.

Everyday in the news, we see new cheap Apple Watch bands trying to become the de facto alternative to the more expensive, official Apple Watch bands, and they’re usually just as good. Trust us, buying a trio of third-party, looka Apple Watch bands for the price of one official strap is a relief after paying so much for the smartwatch itself. 

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Which Apple Watch Should I Buy in 2020?

Time to Buy an Apple Watch?

Which is the best Apple Watch to buy in 2020? With the Apple Watch 5, a $199 Apple Watch 3 and multiple sizes, connectivity options, and special editions to choose from it is a daunting decision to make. The new Titanium and Ceramic options make this even harder.

Apple sells two main Apple Watch models on its website, with size and connectivity options as well as many special editions and options. Once you pick your model, you can even pick the band you want with it this year. We’ll help you narrow this down and decide which Apple Watch you should buy in 2020.

  • Should I Buy the Apple Watch 5 or Apple Watch 3?
  • Aluminum, Steel, Titanium, or Ceramic Apple Watch?
  • What Size Apple Watch Do I Want?
  • Do I Need LTE Connectivity?
  • Do I Want a Special Edition?
  • Do I need AppleCare+ on the Apple Watch?

When you break it down this, it makes a tough decision much easier to figure out. We’ll break down each of these sections further to help you decide. We also walk through the reasons to buy the Apple Watch 5 and the reasons not to.

What Apple Watch is the Best to Buy in 2020?

Which Apple Watch should you buy in 2020? We help you figure it out.

Ultimately the Apple Watch 5 is the best model to buy in 2020. If you want the most flexibility buy the LTE model. If you want an extra watch face, buy the Nike+ edition or Hermes edition. For most users, the aluminum Apple Watch is a better option as it is cheaper, lighter, and more resistant to scratches.

The Apple Watch 5 is double the price of the Apple Watch 3, but it packs in a ton of features that will not come to the Apple Watch 3 and it’s going to get software support for a longer period. You can buy an Apple Watch 4 at many stores, but ultimately going with the Series 5 or Series 3 may be more cost-effective.

The Apple Watch size that you buy mostly depends on your wrist and how big of a screen you want. The features are the same, so this is a very personal choice.

If you want to leave your iPhone at home and be able to make calls, send texts, and stream Apple Music, you need to buy the Apple Watch with LTE. If you’ll have your iPhone with you 99% of the time, you can skip LTE and save $100 and monthly fees.

If you want special watch faces or bands, you can buy the Hermes or Nike+ Apple Watch 5 models. This is another personal choice. The Hermes models are much more expensive, but the Nike+ Apple Watch models are the same as the standard and include an extra watch face.

Buy the Apple Watch 5 at Apple and check for Apple Watch 5 deals at Amazon.

Should I Buy the Apple Watch 5 or Apple Watch 3?

Pick your Apple Watch. $399 or $199 are the new starting prices.

If you want a bigger screen, the ability to take an ECG, fall detection, better speakers, the new compass, and the always-on Retina Display, you should buy the Apple Watch 5.

If you want most of the best Apple Watch features, software support for years and you don’t need the latest and greatest, the Apple Watch 3 is still a very good device, and it’s a deal starting at $199, and an even bigger deal on sale. Here’s why you should buy the Apple Watch 3 in 2020. All the best Apple Watch bands work on all models.

Read: 62 Exciting Things You Can Do With the Apple Watch

With both models, you get Hey Siri, and Siri will talk to you. You can swim with either of these and you can get LTE with either of them.

  • Buy the Apple Watch 5 if you want the best health features, a bigger always-on screen, and want to keep your watch for a long time.
  • Buy the Apple Watch 3 if you want to save money without waiting for deals and you don’t need the advanced health features.

Should I Buy the Aluminum Apple Watch or Stainless Steel Model?

Do you want aluminum, stainless steel, titanium or ceramic?

After you decide on which Apple Watch Series to buy, you need to decide what material you want. Apple Sells the Apple Watch in aluminum, Stainless Steel, Titanium, and Ceramic.

Read: Why the Aluminum Apple Watch is Better

Most people will want to buy the aluminum Apple Watch because it is cheaper, lighter, and less ly to get scratched with use. This is the option I recommend to most buyers and that I bought for the Apple Watch 5.

If you want one of the higher-end luxury looks, opt for the stainless steel model. This is what you get with Hermes, or with the Milanese and stainless steel bands. You can buy most of these bands separately and attach them to the aluminum model.

The Titanium Apple Watch 5 is available in silver and black, and it looks amazing. Ultimately this will cost you more with a starting price of double the Apple Watch 5 in aluminum. If you can afford it, this is a cool option that should resist scratches better than stainless steel.

Ceramic pushes the price of the Apple Watch 5 over $1,000, but it looks awesome. If you need scratch-resistant, a cool white finish and you have the cash, it’s a nice option.

  • Buy the aluminum Apple Watch to save money and because it doesn’t damage easily.
  • Buy the stainless steel Apple Watch for an upscale look.
  • Buy the Titanium or Ceramic Apple Watch to flex and upgrade the style.

What Size Apple Watch Do I Want?

Pick a size for your Apple Watch, each comes with bands for S/M/L wrists, but the screen size makes a difference.

The Apple Watch is available in four sizes across the Apple Watch 3 and Apple Watch 5 models. The Apple Watch Series 3 comes in 38mm and 42mm. The Apple Watch Series 5 comes in 40mm and 44 mm.

Overall the smaller sizes and the larger sizes are pretty close in size. This is the most personal choice for the Apple Watch. The larger model features a bigger screen and slightly better battery life, but the bigger physical size makes it unwieldy for smaller wrists.

You can try on the current Apple Watch sizes and get a general feel for which size you want. Keep in mind this is not a clear-cut decision as it also plays into the styles you can pick with the Hermes Apple Watch Edition.

I choose the larger Apple Watch 5, while my wife opts for the smaller Apple Watch model.

Do I Need LTE Connectivity?

Most buyers can get by without LTE on the Apple Watch.

Most users do not need the Apple Watch with LTE. This is a feature that lets you leave your iPhone at home and still take calls, send texts, stream Apple Music, and use other apps that need the Internet.

I purchased the Apple Watch 3 with LTE, but I only used the LTE connection a few times. I’ve gone back and forth, and while I originally wasn’t going to switch to Apple Music to use it on my Apple Watch, now that I am walking and trying to run more, I am planning to switch to Apple Music and to buy my new Apple Watch with LTE.

If you want to leave your iPhone at home and stay connected, spend $100 more up-front to get the LTE model, and $10 more per month on service.

  • Buy GPS if you typically have your iPhone with you.
  • Buy GPS + LTE if you want to be able to use the Apple Watch without your iPhone.

Do I Want a Special Edition?

Decide if you want a special edition of the Apple Watch 5.

The last decision is one of the easiest, and you probably already know if you want one.

The Nike+ Apple Watch is the same price as the standard model. You get a special band and an exclusive watch face.

The Hermes Apple Watch collection includes special watch faces and a range of high-end fashionable bands.

Buy the Apple Watch at Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H Photo.

Do I Need AppleCare+ for the Apple Watch?

AppleCare+ for the Apple Watch is $49 for the Series 3 and $79 for the Series 5. This covers accidental damage and extends your warranty. I’ve purchased it for some models and skipped it for others.

If you are buying the Apple Watch 5, and you are very active or are using it in a rough work environment, this is a good option and might be better than getting a case or screen protector. You still need to pay a deductible to get it fixed, but it’s cheaper than buying a new Apple Watch.

On the Apple Watch 3, this is $49 which is 25% of the price of the watch. I’d be very tempted to skip this and just deal with the repair cost or buying a replacement unless I am super rough on my gadgets. You can pay $2.49 a month or this if you buy through Apple.

Neither of these options covers loss or theft. If you get an LTE model, your carrier may allow you to get Apple Watch insurance.

2 Reasons to Buy the Apple Watch 5 & 3 Reasons Not To

Are you sick of raising your wrist to see the time when you need to know at a glance or wondering how your workout is going? The Apple Watch 5 is a major upgrade with an always-on Retina Display. 

Now you can always see the time and your complications without raising your wrist. This is perfect for checking the time in a meeting or just at dinner. The new feature also supports workout modes, so you can make sure that you are on target without trying to activate the display. 

This works with all the workout apps and Apple Watch faces. You can always see your time and complications. This is a major reason for many users to upgrade, even from the Apple Watch 4. 

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