The Most Overlooked Way to Improve Your Business

  1. Often Overlooked (But Effective) Ways To Improve Customer Satisfaction
  2. Always have a bright smile
  3. Take comments and suggestions constructively
  4. Connect to your customers
  5. Ask focus groups
  6. Conduct training to improve customer satisfaction
  7. Investigate
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  9. One of the Most Overlooked Ways to Add Value to Your Store
  10. Sell Not a Product but an Experience
  11. 1. Be There for Them 24/7
  12. 2. Offer Prompt Refunds
  13. 3. Give It a Personal Touch
  14. 4. Avoid Templates and Be Genuine
  15. Aligning Customer Service Goals
  16. Conclusion
  17. Want to Learn More?
  18. One Overlooked Strategy That Will Dramatically Improve Your Marketing
  19. 1. Give away free information
  20. 2. Send samples
  21. 3. Offer a free trial
  22. 4. Watch a video
  23. Why use transitional calls to action?
  24. 10 Ways to Improve Your Local Marketing Strategy –
  25. What is local marketing?
  26. 1. Know the audience
  27. 2. Target the audience
  28. 3. Get involved in your community
  29. 4. Take advantage of local directories
  30. 5. Gather and post testimonials
  31. 7. Run local SEO campaigns
  32. 13. Mobilize your website
  33. The Pareto principle
  34. 10 Overlooked Ways To Establish Trust With Your Audience
  35. 1) Be Genuine
  36. 2) Under-Promise
  37. 3) Do Something ‘Extra’
  38. 4) Be Available 24/7
  39. 5) Your Web Design
  40. 6) Google My Business
  41. 7) Approach The Right Influencers
  42. 8) A Blog Post
  43. 9) Site Security
  44. 10) User-Generated Video Reviews
  45. 6 Overlooked Ways to Vastly Boost Traffic to Your Ecommerce Site
  46. 1. Create a value-driven blog                                                                                            
  47. 2. Produce and publish videos of your products
  48. 3. Buy misspells of your domain
  49. 4. Social-media campaigns with purpose
  50. 5. Use tools and apps to promote your product
  51. 6. Push users to leave reviews
  52. The Most Overlooked Way To Grow Your Business With Purpose — YFS Magazine
  53. Identify Social Responsibility Opportunities
  54. Harness the Benefits of Social Responsibility
  55. If My Company Can Do It, So Can Yours

Often Overlooked (But Effective) Ways To Improve Customer Satisfaction

The Most Overlooked Way to Improve Your Business

Running a business is hard work. It requires a lot of skills and things that the business owner should look in.

There are tips on how you can run a business, such as taking care of employees and customers, and the importance of excellent services and products.

However, the success of a business does not only depend on the quality of services and products. It also needs to improve and bring satisfaction to the customer. 

Customer satisfaction, among other things, depends on how the employees perform in front of the customers. Customers are a remarkable part of the success of a business. Therefore, you should make sure that they are satisfied with your services, products, and performance. 

Customer satisfaction is the feeling of content and happiness from customers towards a business’s service or product. If there is no customer satisfaction, the excellent quality of the services and products of the business will be useless. Customer satisfaction goes hand in hand with excellent services, products, and how we treat them. 

However, customer satisfaction is not always enough. A business should go beyond the expectations of customers. A business should not stop improving and looking for ways to improve their services, products, and performance towards providing extraordinary customer service. Thus, here are some often overlooked (but effective) ways to improve customer satisfaction.

Always have a bright smile

A smile is not just an expression on our faces. It speaks a thousand words. It also plays a significant role in business. An effective way to improve customer service is by keeping a smile on your face.

A smile is very contagious. It lightens up the mood and attitude of anyone.

If we start working with a smile and keep it throughout the day, we can boost a positive attitude and provide the best services to our customers. 

With this, they feel and experience unforgettable customer satisfaction. Smiling also invites them and builds reputation with customers and makes them feel welcomed. Therefore, when you present your services and products, they listen attentively and responsively.

Take comments and suggestions constructively

Successful businesses wouldn’t be successful without the help of their customers. If you notice, good businesses often conduct surveys among their customers to ask about their experiences with their services. Asking customers about their experiences is a crucial step in knowing how they feel about your services and products. 

This type of inquiry will also enable you to have an idea about unexpected things that take place in your business. Through their comments and suggestions, you will realize that you can improve in some aspects of your business. You will have an idea on how you should move forward. It is a stepping stone to giving better customer satisfaction and gaining loyal customers. 

Connect to your customers

The ability of your business to connect to your customers is often overlooked. Connecting to your customers enables you to gain loyal customers. When you provide them with your services wherever they might be, they feel their importance. That’s why, with the help of technology, you should be able to connect to your customers anywhere in the world.

If your business is located in the UK, there are many services the unified communications by Gamma with flexible and innovative solutions to business communication and ways of reaching out to your customers. Being able to attend to their needs without them going into your company, store, or business is a great way to achieve excellent customer satisfaction.

Ask focus groups

Another way of getting feedback from customers is through the use of focus groups.

Focus groups are composed of customers who have a vast experience with your products, where you invite 5-6 customers for a group interview and ask them about their experiences.

During the discussion, they freely speak up their mind about your business. Through their thoughts, comments, and suggestions, you will have an idea about how you can make improvements to your business.

Furthermore, their experiences will let you know if your employees are treating them well. 

Conduct training to improve customer satisfaction

Your employees also play a valuable role in customer satisfaction. They are also the face of your business. Therefore, the way they behave and act in front of the customers represents your business. To enable them to treat the customers professionally, nicely, and correctly, you should conduct training for them. 

Through training, they will learn the importance and value of customer satisfaction. They will also learn different ways and techniques of dealing with customers. Some of the training you can conduct is, how to deal with difficult customers, how to attend to the needs of customers, and more. 


One of the ways used by business owners to improve satisfaction is through investigating. Wherein they ask a person to act as a customer and visit their business. Through this, they can know if their employees are behaving well.

He or she will also have an idea if the way they treat their customers is satisfying or not. It is an effective way to evaluate employees. It is also a way to know more about which employees need to improve.

Furthermore, it is an effective way of looking for ways to improve and provide customer satisfaction.

The following ways to improve customer satisfaction show that satisfying them can be a challenge. Giving the customers the best satisfaction makes your business one step ahead of your competitors.

Therefore, if you want your business to be successful, it is essential to look at all ways to improve customer satisfaction. Through this, you are also empowering your employees to become better individuals. You can mold their characters and personality.

And the most important thing of all is, you can gain loyal customers and invite more customers through their help. 

Your number one way of advertising your business is through the help of your customers. Their experiences speak a lot about your business.

Their comments about your business are a more effective way of advertising compared to other ways of advertisement because it came from real experiences.

Therefore, if you want to have a successful business, you should give importance to satisfying your customers and do not stop improving. 

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One of the Most Overlooked Ways to Add Value to Your Store

The Most Overlooked Way to Improve Your Business

Starting an ecommerce store isn’t complicated. 

Choosing a product, selecting a store theme, setting up ads… With enough time and effort, these technical skills can be mastered.

Driving a store to sustained success, however, is a different ball game. It requires differentiating yourself from your competitors and ensuring your store stands out above the rest.

In this article, we’ll talk about one of the most overlooked ways to add value to your ecommerce store – through customer service.

Don’t wait for someone else to do it. Hire yourself and start calling the shots.

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Sell Not a Product but an Experience

With 7.1 million online retailers worldwide (and 1.8 million in the United States alone), ecommerce competition is stiff. 

Even if your store is in a niche industry, odds are, there are other merchants selling similar products. 

That said, the need for a unique value proposition is more important now than ever.

It’s common for first-time merchants to jump to price-cutting as a differentiating factor. But such an approach is limiting. There’s only so much you can undercut prices by and it probably won’t be long before someone else undercuts you.

One of the most underrated ways to add value to your store to sell an experience instead of a product.

A recurring theme among many successful merchants is their recognition that a product idea can always be copied and the need to set themselves apart with quality customer service.

In fact, many of them credit their success not to how low their prices are or how unique their product is but their ability to offer customers improved shopping experiences. Research has also shown that consumers are actually willing to pay more for a better shopping experience.

While there are many ways to keep customers satisfied, here are some tried-and-tested tactics that have worked wonders for successful ecommerce entrepreneurs.

1. Be There for Them 24/7

Entrepreneur Suhail Nurmohamed differentiated himself from his competitors by providing round-the-clock support for his customers.

His goal was to provide the best customer service possible and he did that by responding to emails as quickly as possible.

With his phone always on him, he’d reply even from school. 

I would say I’m gonna go to the toilet, but I would just go make an Instagram post and make sure I’m engaging with everyone, replying to people. – Suhail Nurmohamed

2. Offer Prompt Refunds

Between receiving the order and getting the product to your customers, many things can happen along the way.

This has been especially true during the coronavirus pandemic where shipping times have been completely thrown whack. 

Whether it’s delays or damaged products, if you’ve promised a refund, do it immediately. That’s the advice of successful dropshipping duo Namrata and Shishir.

Promptly following through with a refund not only shows that you’re taking customers’ complaints seriously, but it also instils trust. 

We promptly issued refunds also when there have been delays immediately. So that gives the client more confidence in us. – Namrata and Shishir

3. Give It a Personal Touch

Any seasoned salesman can tell you that a personal touch goes a long way. This applies not just to sales but to all aspects of a business (and life, while we’re at it).

In Stephen Covey’s The Seven Habits of Effective People, he talks about IBM’s willingness to go above and beyond at one of their training sessions during which a participant fell ill. 

Instead of sending him to a local hospital, IBM went the extra mile (and more). Knowing that the participant’s wife was anxious for him to receive treatment at home by doctors familiar with his condition, IBM chartered a plane to fly him cross country from New York to his home in California.

wise, when entrepreneur Adrien Taylor received his first sale, he realized that it’d come from a few blocks away. Despite it being eight o’clock in the evening, Adrien jumped on his scooter and dropped off the item immediately. 

She just couldn’t believe that she had just brought the hat online and it was already getting hand-delivered. – Adrien Taylor

4. Avoid Templates and Be Genuine

Authenticity is a tactic that merchant Courtney White stands firm by. 

Though it’s much easier to reach out to customers with templates, Courtney ditches convenience for a more genuine – albeit time-consuming – relationship with her customers.

She makes the effort to engage in conversations personally and her comments and messages are completely personalized and unique. 

The result? A consistent and high returning customer rate. 

That’s how I’ve built the brand up to the point it is today, it is just that one-on-one relationship. – Courtney White

Aligning Customer Service Goals

Providing quality customer service requires dedication and time. This can be challenging when your customers are on different timezones as you’ll be receiving messages at odd hours.

This is where getting an extra pair of hands comes in handy.

But whether you’re outsourcing or hiring someone in-house, make sure that everyone involved in your business is on the same page.

To bring Stephen Covey back, the lack of alignment between individuals’ goals and an organization’s is one of the most common problems he encountered. 

One of the fundamental problems in organizations, including families, is that people are not committed to the determinations of other people for their lives. – Stephen Covey

After working hard to build up a reputation and have the right systems in place, failing to communicate the importance of customer service to others involved in your business is counter-productive and can be detrimental. 


Customer service has the potential to drive an ecommerce store to success. Though it can be tedious and even at times frustrating, it is a worthy investment. 

In the words of serial entrepreneur Burak Doğan,

It’s worth spending more time on customer service because chargebacks can be a bigger pain than not selling any products.

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One Overlooked Strategy That Will Dramatically Improve Your Marketing

The Most Overlooked Way to Improve Your Business

One of the most common words of advice we share with StoryBrand Live Workshop clients is to add a direct call to action to their website.

This is a simple, obvious invitation for our prospects to do business with us. It seems simplistic, but it’s shocking how hard it can be sometimes to find the “BUY NOW” button on a website.

We want to give customers a very clear path toward making a purchase so we can help them solve their problem — whether that’s to buy, register, signup, schedule an appointment, order, or call.

As important as a direct call to action is, you’ll miss out on business if this is the only path you point customers toward.

A transitional call to action comes after the direct call to action and offers people a less “risky” path to doing business with you. It gives you the opportunity to deepen the relationship first.

That’s where transitional calls to action come in.

A transitional call to action comes after the direct call to action and offers people a less “risky” path to doing business with you. It gives you the opportunity to deepen the relationship first.

Here are a few ideas and examples of transitional calls to action that can dramatically shape your business:

1. Give away free information

Create a video series or free PDF educating customers about some topic in your industry. This will increase your authority in your field and build trust. Create and encourage your prospects to sign up for how-to videos, podcasts, and free webinars.

Here’s a great example from my friend Dave Ramsey.

[Visit Website]

You’ll see the direct call to action to find a class, plus a few featured products. But it’s not too long before you see the transitional call to action to get Dave’s free 2017 Jump Start Guide to help start the new year with good financial habits. This allows Dave to deliver instant value to his new fans and start creating more authority and trust in their relationship.

2. Send samples

If you have a product that you can give away samples of, do it. Letting customers taste your seasoning, sample your music, or read the opening chapter of your book are great, low-risk ways to encourage them to take action even if they’re not ready to purchase.

Take business card design and print shop Moo, for example.

[Visit Website]

This works well here because business cards are a tactile product. So Moo makes it easy to request a sample of all their styles of business cards in the mail. Seeing and holding an example reduces the uncertainty of the purchase and can inspire customers to order their own.

3. Offer a free trial

Offering a free trial or test drive works to help potential customers try your product without any risk. They may find after a few days that they can’t live without it and be more than ready to purchase ongoing access.

Here’s an example from the cloud-based accounting company Quickbooks.

[Visit Website]

The primary call to action is to “Buy Now,” but if you’re not ready to make the commitment, the free trial offers a transitional call to action. This way, Quickbooks can still capture an email address and continue the relationship (and be more ly to make the sale).

4. Watch a video

Prospective customers only spend a few seconds on your site. When you create a stunning, effective video that shows customers how you help them win, you can quickly deepen that initial interest. Just be sure the video drives them to another, more direct call to action.

One of the best examples of this is from the custom furniture shop Unruh Furniture (whom you may remember from this podcast episode).

[Visit Website]

They want people to schedule an appointment to come to their showroom. That’s the primary call to action. But their video helps you understand why you should make the appointment in the first place. You see gorgeous visuals of their space, craftspeople at work, and b-roll of customers customizing and receiving their furniture. It removes all the uncertainty from the process.

Why use transitional calls to action?

When done well, a transitional call to action can do three powerful things for your brand.

• Stake claim to your territory. If you want to be known as the authority on a particular subject or value proposition, create content that cements your position and offer it as a free download.

• Create reciprocity. The more generous a brand is, the more reciprocity they create. All relationships are give and take, including the relationship you have with your customers. The more we give to our customers, the more ly they are to give back in the future.

• Deepen a relationship. Building trust can take time. A transitional call to action allows you to provide an action for a customer who’s interested but not quite ready to buy.

They may need just a 30-second video in order to take the next step or they may need 30 emails over a year.

But in either case, your transitional call to action develops the relationship until the time is right for a purchase.

You always want to make it clear to your customers what direct action they should take to do business with you. And as you consider your transitional calls to action, make sure the placement and design don’t compete with the primary path you want customers to follow.

But don’t skip them altogether. Without a transitional call to action, first-time visitors to your site who aren’t quite ready to buy may just leave and forget about you. By providing a “baby step” for your prospects, you can develop those relationships, grow your authority, and turn those prospects into customers quickly.

Improve Your Marketing This Week

In three short videos, my 5-Minute Marketing Makeover will show you the common problems most small businesses make on their websites — and how to fix them. Discover tweaks you can make this week to boost your sales right away.


10 Ways to Improve Your Local Marketing Strategy –

The Most Overlooked Way to Improve Your Business

While you navigate the turbulent seas of marketing, it's important that you don't lose sight of one of your most significant audiences: your local market. You may need to use some targeted strategies to reach this audience, however.

What is local marketing?

According to Marketing, local marketing is a method of marketing specifically targets customers that live within a certain distance of the company's location.

This method is used to allow businesses to market goods and services to potential customers that live in a certain city, ZIP code, etc.

This is a method of marketing that is most often overlooked by small businesses as many of them take their marketing cues from larger conglomerates.

There are many ways to reach out to local markets. Not every type of strategy will work for every company, but these marketing tips can guide you.

1. Know the audience

The first and most important step to developing any marketing campaign is knowing who your audience is.

You should not only know what group the ideal customer belongs to, but you should also have an idea of the interests of the ideal customer and what is going to appeal to them.

You should also find out where your audience is. For example, what social media platforms does your audience spend the most time on?

2. Target the audience

Now that you know who and where your audience is, you need to make sure you reach them. Build your campaigns around the audience's interests. Use the keywords they'll be searching for. Make advertisements that explain how your product or service solves a problem the audience has.

3. Get involved in your community

Find local events in your community and participate. Volunteer for a cause in your community, and wear T-shirts with your logo. Donate prizes to competitions and contests that will engage your community,  and make them want to come back to your company.

4. Take advantage of local directories

An easy way to drive local traffic is to make sure that you show up in local search results. You can do this by listing them on Yelp, Whitepages, Angie's List and other local directories.

5. Gather and post testimonials

People are more ly to post negative reviews than good ones, but when you find positive feedback, be sure to share them and post them on other sites. When you have positive interactions with customers, encourage those customers to write and share good reviews.

Don't underestimate the power of local media, especially if you are located in a small town. Local newspapers or radio stations or shows can be highly effective if you're looking to generate more foot traffic.

7. Run local SEO campaigns

You can use software Google AdWords to create SEO campaigns to drive local traffic both online and in-store. Look into pay-per-click campaigns and other SEO options.

Social media can be a great way to connect with an audience in a professional but human way. Use social channels that the local audience is on to answer customer questions and have conversations with your audience.

Promotions contests can be great tools for engaging a local audience. Be creative with contests and offer prizes that the ideal customer would want. Offer promotions to celebrate local events or to connect with the community in other ways.

Write blog posts that answer customer questions in your industry. Have experts answer questions on websites Quora,, and other advice forums and platforms.

According to American Family Insurance, cross-promotion is a highly effective method of marketing; it is a mutually beneficial marketing method that involves two or more businesses that promote each other to their customers. This allows each company to gain more customers and boost sales overall. This method is highly revered because it offers immediate exposure to a vast array of potential customers with minimal effort.

Another great method of promoting locally is hosting or sponsoring local events. No matter if you choose to do an event such as a seminar, dance party, banquet, or anything else you feel will attract the demographic you are seeking, this method is often effective because you are allowing people to have a good time and/or get informed.

13. Mobilize your website

According to Mobile searches are one of the top ways local customers will find and view information about your business.

If you have not yet mobilized your business, doing so could work wonders with regard to local marketing.

Those who use mobile searches are typically already in your area and seeking local businesses to patronize. Taking the time to mobilize your company could boost business overnight.

The Pareto principle

Named after economist Vilfredo Pareto, the Pareto principle states that 80 % of your results come from 20% of your efforts. For example, just 20% of your marketing campaigns are responsible for 80% of your success, or 20% of your customer base accounts for 80% of your sales.

With the Pareto principle in mind, you should keep track of your marketing efforts and find what strategies are performing best for engaging with your audience. Once you find the 20% that's most successful, spend the majority of your efforts on these campaigns and platforms, since you know they're the most lucrative.

You can read some more in-depth steps for local marketing strategies in this CPC Strategy article.


10 Overlooked Ways To Establish Trust With Your Audience

The Most Overlooked Way to Improve Your Business

Today’s post is from our guest, Victoria Greene. You can learn more about Victoria in her author profile below the article.

Trust is a vital commodity online. We want to see proof, credentials, and value before we part with our money.

Reviews are one of the best ways of establishing trust. A survey conducted by Dimensional Research found that positive online comments influence 90% of customers. Other than reviews: what else can your website do to create trust?

This post will look at ten overlooked ways to get people to trust you online.

1) Be Genuine

Trust involves being honest and true to your word.

Explaining your values on your about page will help people get to know you. Show your customers what you can offer them.

A funny story, a quirky anecdote, family history — all of these make people feel connected to brands. Show people who you are.

Jack Daniel’s has a brand story that exudes power, heritage, and a hint of danger.

Take a leaf Jack’s book and develop a strong brand voice. People will find you easier to relate to and trust.

2) Under-Promise

It’s better if you don’t over-promise and underdeliver. It’s better to be open, honest, and transparent — instead of exaggerating what your services and products can do for people. Over-the-top marketing often sounds empty.

Your terms and conditions should be in your site footer, and you should set up a FAQ page if you have not already done so. Being clear about expectations is important if you are a brand that sells goods.

If something does go wrong and your promise doesn’t live up to what was actually delivered, a negative review could happen.

It’s important to always answer negative reviews and improve your services what people say. Increasing transparency can help you fix any potential issues.

3) Do Something ‘Extra’

For craft sellers, in particular, the handmade aspect of your product is a strong feature.

Highlight the unique nature of your products with your packaging. This will help customers feel good about choosing to shop with you. Include a handwritten ‘thank you’ note with your package, or use stickers and labels that tell some details about your products.

Adding something extra into your product or service makes you memorable and the customer happy. Click To Tweet

For service businesses, touches client phone calls and call-outs can result in positive reviews. Don’t forget the importance of customer experience.

4) Be Available 24/7

Communication is essential for online businesses. Most people want a response from a company within 24 hours at the latest, but ideally within 10 minutes.

A small business can find it difficult to keep up with customer demands. However, you can help yourself help others by considering website live chat. Setting up live chat is a great way to add a personal touch to your website.

As part of your customer service and marketing plan, you could try using some Messenger marketing strategies. It’s cheap, easy, and scalable — and much more interesting for users than a generic email response.

5) Your Web Design

Turn customer comments from social media and review sites into authentic social proof for your website. Use words from your actual customers on your site and in your marketing materials, rather than copy that’s from a professional copywriter or marketer.

Showcasing customer stories in your website design will help build trust in a way that’s authentic.

6) Google My Business

Be sure to fill out your entire Google My Bussiness profile completely. This is a good trust signal, especially for people in your local area.

Now your profile can feature short video clips, as well as photos. You could include a 360-degree office tour clip or introduce your services with a quick video.

Get your contacts to share their own photos and check-ins — this will help you build trust and attract more views.

7) Approach The Right Influencers

Every industry has its social media stars. These are the people others trust to give them solid advice.

You can go to an influencer site such as Hype Market and search for your best matches. Follow their profiles and look at the way they handle product reviews. Would you to work with them too?

It’s easy to find an affordable influencer to help you introduce your brand to a new audience.

8) A Blog Post

If you’ve published a killer blog post article that has attracted a lot of comments and s, why not improve it with more content, visuals, graphics, or even a video?

Being a credible online publisher will help show people that you care about the community and not just your sales figures.

9) Site Security

Security is paramount for customers parting with their money online. If you are hosting your own site, you may have overlooked security on your website which according to Google is getting even more important.

If you are selling through a hosted store Shopify your e-commerce platform manages your site security. But that doesn’t mean you don’t still have to educate yourself about security measures. Security is always essential and if you’re using WordPress a security plugin such as Wordfence is essential.

10) User-Generated Video Reviews

Encourage your customers to share their thoughts with you on video. Some great examples include Rosetta Stone:

As you can see, these videos don’t have to be long, in-depth, or with high production value. They just have to be authentic. Video allows audiences to quickly build a personal relationship with your brand.

You can also embed these user videos into your newsletters and ask for more contributions. You could even turn them into social media campaigns to drive traffic.

Trust is a big word. Make sure your business is looking for ways to build trust through your digital marketing activities.


6 Overlooked Ways to Vastly Boost Traffic to Your Ecommerce Site

The Most Overlooked Way to Improve Your Business

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

It doesn’t matter if you own a small shop on Etsy or a major ecommerce site, the fact remains that online traffic drive sales. Discovering ways to increase traffic can be time consuming and really difficult. So I’ve devised six often overlooked ways to vastly increase traffic to your ecommerce site:

1. Create a value-driven blog                                                                                            

As you know content has become the new form of search-engine marketing. It’s estimated that over 80 percent of companies employ some sort of content strategy but only 32 percent feel their strategies are effective.

The truth is, content marketing is a tough animal to wrangle. To outsiders content seems simple: write a blog, post an image, create a meme and presto you’ve got a blog. It isn’t that easy.

Companies must create highly targeted and quality content to receive the results they desire. 

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One of the secrets to powerful content marketing is making your customer the hero. For example, seek out your customers and get their stories. Ask them why they choose your brand over others, what your brand means to them and how your brand makes them feel. Imagine the meaningful content you could create while putting your customer center stage.

2. Produce and publish videos of your products

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to buy clothing online but refrained, because I had no idea what it would look on me. Video is a powerful selling tool that provides the right information at the right time to consumers. Take for example. Almost all of their shoe products have a custom-made video showing off the item on a real person.

There are two ways to publish the video on your site. The first is to self-host the video on your site. Self-hosting is great for sites that want their sites to rank for the videos (remember to correctly optimize the video when uploading).

The second way is to use a third-party service or Vimeo. One of the nice things about using these platforms is the video is hosted on their servers and won't affect your site’s page load time.

A benefit of publishing on is the fact that it is the second largest search engine behind Google.

3. Buy misspells of your domain

This is an often-overlooked strategy by most online businesses. Most companies focus on buying domain variations .net or .org, but fail to buy misspells. Let’s take modest swimwear line LimeRicki for example. At the time of publication LimeRicki could buy: (available) ($6,425) ($1,250) ($299) (available) (available)

These are just a few of the dozens of misspells for If you own 50 misspell of your domain and each misspell averages 10 visits, you’ve essentially increased your traffic by 500 per month or 6,000 visits per year. It can add up really quickly depending on your per visit value.

4. Social-media campaigns with purpose

Social campaigns are a no brainer but often poorly executed. If there’s one thing to understand it’s this: Social campaigns shouldn’t be used to drive leads but to drive brand awareness and engagement.

Social media is an opportunity for ecommerce brands to engage with their customers. To once again make their customers the hero. Don’t shy away from asking questions, being concerned, and genuinely caring about your fans. When your customers know you care about them, they’ll start to really care about you.

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But besides engaging with customers, it can also affect your traffic volume. For instance, is tied into the Google search engine algorithm. Google looks for social signals when ranking websites and pages.

Building a robust community that actually engages with your posts will increase the lihood of your blog posts or product pages ranking higher within the Google search engine. Thus driving more traffic.

5. Use tools and apps to promote your product

There are new tools being released every single day that can benefit your online efforts. Here is one tool that I consider to be on the cutting edge of ecommerce sales:

This tool allows users to convert their Instagram photos into commerce. In other words’s technology gives users the ability to tag items in their photos that links to the item online where people can actually make purchases.

Users are incentivized to publish and tag photos, because they receive a portion of each sale made from their photo.

If you own or run an ecommerce site I recommend either signing up for toknow.

it and publishing photos or reaching out to trendy bloggers and Instagrammers and incentivizing them to publish/tag photos with your products in them. Oh and guess what? toknow.

it allows you to track which photo generates the most revenue and drives the most engagement. More analytics and data to make better decisions, yay!

6. Push users to leave reviews

By now, most ecommerce sites and storefronts have the capability to receive user reviews; however, most sites are not effectively pursuing this strategy. Did you know that 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations? Each user review has an immense impact on the purchase decisions of your customers.

So how does this impact traffic? First off, user reviews are unique and relevant content. Second, user reviews keep your static pages fresh and search engines love pages that are constantly refreshed with new content.

Third, people who take the time to leave reviews are generally the people who take the time to share their experience with friends.

User reviews give your product pages higher chances of ranking as well as more social engagement.

These tips are just a few ways to increase traffic to ecommerce sites. Continually audit your efforts and look for innovative ways to provide value to your customers.

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The Most Overlooked Way To Grow Your Business With Purpose — YFS Magazine

The Most Overlooked Way to Improve Your Business

Photo: Kevin Xu, CEO of MEBO International; Source: Courtesy Photo

As the founder or owner of a business, you have a social responsibility to give back to your community. Not only is reciprocity a solid foundation for building leadership skills, but giving back to society also provides a level of personal satisfaction that drives you to be better. It fosters determination, elevates your mood, and combats worries.

You will naturally receive a great deal of positive feedback when your community knows that you care about more than money — that you care about helping others and deepening your own understanding of life and what’s important.

My father and I have both had great success in business, and that success can largely be attributed to the relationships we built within our communities.

My father, Rongxiang Xu, gave back to his hometown in Shandong, China, by making donations to help build schools. Shandong was one of the poorest cities in China during my father’s childhood, and he wanted to provide the villagers with the gift of knowledge so they could have a better life than he did growing up.

When I was placed on the United Nations’ Empact100 list for young entrepreneurs making a positive impact, I was inspired to establish the Brighten Award for Entrepreneurial Gerontology at the University of Southern California Davis School of Gerontology to help inspire college students to develop entrepreneurial ideas that benefit the elderly.

My father and I both gave back to areas that were close to our hearts, and we felt privileged to be able to do so. I encourage you to view corporate social responsibility as an opportunity. It’s a chance to do something great and benefit in return.

Identify Social Responsibility Opportunities

You can identify opportunities to commit to corporate social responsibility in a number of ways. First, draw from your own interests or different issues that have tugged at your heartstrings, such as an interest in fighting a certain disease or an infrastructure improvement.

Also, be careful not to discard the feelings you have after you learn about some eye-opening news. Perhaps something on social media grabs your attention and makes you feel so strongly that you want to get involved.

Finally, lay out a blueprint for your future that allows you to encounter a field you haven’t been involved in before. Consider looking into other nongovernmental organizations or exemplary companies so you get a chance to see how they’ve been running things. Then, learn from their experiences, and plan ahead for your own company.

Harness the Benefits of Social Responsibility

You need to have a clear CSR goal in mind and stick with it. It helps to think of social entrepreneurship cultivating a tree. It requires your complete attention, not just water and nourishment. You need to observe how it grows and recognize there are some things you just can’t control.

It’s important to have a solid social reputation as an individual when your company is working to demonstrate CSR. You need to establish credibility and loyalty. A connection between you and the CSR you’re trying to achieve for your company will ensure you stay focused on your goals, and it can help others understand what you’re trying to accomplish.

CSR can also help propel your business. For example, if you participate in volunteer work, you may save a great deal of time and money trying to create connections down the road.

If My Company Can Do It, So Can Yours

Every year in China, we hold hundreds of educational sessions to train rural doctors and exchange ideas on how to better implement a patient-first philosophy. The doctors are trained for free, and we ensure the quality of the training. Our responsibility is to make sure impoverished people or those living in rural areas of China receive proper treatment.

My company, in turn, benefits by receiving a great deal of support from the Ministry of Health and other academic associations. They help us arrange larger, more frequent sessions, which leads to more support. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

We also spend time editing and updating monthly life science publications. This helps others by giving everyone access to information on new technology in our field. This can lead to more innovation in this space that will hopefully solve global medical problems.

Giving back to the community is an important way to plant the seeds for the future and watch them blossom. So identify your opportunity to get involved and give back. In turn, you’ll receive surprising benefits and be inspired to grow your company.

This article has been edited and condensed.

Kevin Xu is the CEO of MEBO International, a California and Beijing-based intellectual property management company specializing in applied health systems. He also leads Skingenix, which specializes in skin organ regeneration and the research and development of botanical drug products. Connect with @_kevinxu on .


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