Super Bowl commercials: 5 of the most expensive big game ads

The 10 Most Expensive Super Bowl Commercials Ever

Super Bowl commercials: 5 of the most expensive big game ads

When it comes to Super Bowl commercials, companies don’t usually hold back.

Once they’ve dished out the huge money in securing their 30-second ad spot, they also have to invest in producing the commercial that will (hopefully) bring them far more than 30 seconds of fame and fortune.

With Super Bowl LIII around the corner, this Sunday, February 3rd we’ll take a look at the most expensive Super Bowl commercials ever to air!. Want to check out some of our favorite commercials from the 2019 Super Bowl? Check them out here.

To be frank, our part of the game – the commercials. We put together the top 10 most expensive Super Bowl commercials ever to air! In games over the last year’s, companies had to shell at an average of $5.1 million for a half-minute commercial.

If that isn’t enough to make your stomach turn, factor in that the average Super Bowl commercial costs another $1 million to produce.

But through the years, some companies have gone above and beyond, investing obscene amounts of dough (even by Super Bowl LIII standards) in their annual pitch to the masses. Pathetically, research finds that these crazy investments don’t necessarily translate into sales.

So what were the most expensive super bowl commercials of all time? Take a look… Now if only we could use some of this cash to solve world hunger…

1. Lucasfilm – Solo

According to CNBC: (Lucas Film Commercial)It was watched more than 3 million times online on game day and had the highest digital share of voice at 8.84 percent. It also achieved 64.6 million TV ad impressions, against an estimated ad spend of $7.8 million.cnbc

Note From Editor: Article Updated To Mix In Most Pricy Recent and Classic Super Bowl commercials. After all – we love Nostalgia

2. Chrysler’s “Imported from Detroit” (2011) – $12.4 Million

Here it is – the most expensive Super Bowl commercial of all time! This epic 2-minute ad for the Chrysler 200, features Eminem driving around his hometown of Detroit. It might well have been worth the staggering price tag, not only for Chrysler for but for the 700,000 people who call the city of Detroit home.

In Forbes magazine, Rob Siltanen, founder and chief creative officer of ad agency Siltanen & Partners, called the 2011 Super Bowl commercial a “game-changer.

” Not only have Chrysler’s sales improved more than 50% in the years since the commercial was released, but the ad has been credited with re-branding and renewing the city of Detroit and reviving the struggling American auto-industry.

3. Bud Light’s “Up for Whatever” (2014) – $12 Million

It’s not that hard to imagine how Bud Light was able to rack up such an outrageous price tag for the 2014 super bowl commercial.

Even if “regular Joe” Ian Rappaport didn’t require a huge paycheck, the 1 minute and 30 seconds as is filled with A-list celebrities, a variety of different locations, elaborate cinematography and more.

Bud Light didn’t spare a dime when they planned this unforgettable evening of surprises for the unsuspecting Rappaport. From helicopters and llamas to Reggie Watts and Arnold Schwarzenegger, the ad was widely considered one of the best of 2014.

4. Danny Devito Super Bowl Commercial Cost

Here’s what SBNation says about this pricey spot: Was this commercial worth the $7.7 million dollars it cost to run it? People love watching Danny DeVito bobbing in the chocolate that will eventually be used to make your M&M’s. It was just a theory, but now it’s confirmed.

5. Jaguar’s “British Villains Rendezvous” (2014) – $8 Million

Leave it to the makers of one of the most expensive cars in the world to create one of the most expensive Super Bowl commercials of all time.

They spared nothing in creating this dramatic mini-movie featuring Tom Hiddleston, Sir Ben Kingsley, and Mark Strong.

While we usually consider the British refined, the UK-based automaker was totally unrestrained when they approved the budget for this ad. Was it worth it? See for yourself and decide.

6. Kia’s “Matrix” (2014) – $8 Million

Creating a parallel reality complete with fireworks, gravitating cars, exploding street lights and Morpheus from the Matrix does not come cheaply. But we’re glad the guy in the ad chooses the red key, because this famous 2014 Super Bowl clip was fun to watch and brought us back to that time back in 1999 when we sat in the theater and first saw The Matrix on the big screen.


Super Bowl commercials 2021: How much does an ad cost for Super Bowl 55?

Super Bowl commercials: 5 of the most expensive big game ads

(SN illustration)


There's no time to go to the bathroom during the Super Bowl. It's the NFL's championship game, but then the commercials are also a top viewing priority.

And then you've got the halftime show musical performance by The Weeknd. Buckle up.

Since more than 100 million people in the United States tune into the Super Bowl via either traditional television or streaming services, commercials are in high demand. Companies know there's no better time to reach a large audience than during the Super Bowl, and so they pay big money for them.

MORE: Watch the best of 2021 commercials before Super Bowl 55

There's an expectation that for the 2021 Super Bowl, advertisements will take on a generally lighter tone than in some years. Some will surely try to tackle the struggles of the COVID-19 pandemic, but that's been everyone's day-to-day lives for almost a year now. According to the Wall Street Journal, advertisers will be embracing humor.

Regardless of what tact a company takes in its commercial, it still cost them a seven-figure payment to get onto your television screen. Here's everything you need to know about Super Bowl 55 commercials, including their cost, length and just how much Super Bowl advertisement prices have risen over time.

How much do Super Bowl commercials cost in 2021?

CBS opened the bidding for 30-second commercial spots for Super Bowl 55 at $5.6 million, which was the average cost of the same length advertisement for last year's game.

Un last year, though, when Fox sold its ad slots in November, CBS didn't sell out until late January, and they weren't all going for that opening bidding price. According to AdWeek, Scotts Miracle-Gro purchased an ad slot in mid-January for a slightly discounted $5.5 million.

To be included as an advertiser in CBS' live stream of the Super Bowl, companies had to pay an additional $300,000, according to AdWeek. 

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How much was a Super Bowl commercial in 2020?

A 30-second commercial for Super Bowl 54 in 2020 cost about $5.6 million, which is slightly more than the last-month going rate of commercials in 2021. 

With a combined TV and digital audience of more than 100 million viewers in the United States, it's the highest-profile advertising space out there.

How long are Super Bowl commercials?

Most commercials during the Super Bowl will be 30 seconds long, just as those on every other day of the year. But there's variation of course, if companies didn't want to foot the whole bill and wanted to slip in a 15-second advertisement. If any company is going for heavy emotion, they may pony up big money for a 45- or 60-second spot.


How many commercials are in a Super Bowl?

The total commercials in a Super Bowl fluctuates year-to-year, but it usually ends up somewhere in a range between 40 and 50 commercials.

You can check out the best and worst of the 2020 commercials from last year right here. 

First Super Bowl commercial cost

The cost of a commercial at the first Super Bowl was $37,500, according to

Super Bowl commercial price history

YearPrice of 30-second commercial
1967$37,500/$42,500 (Multiple networks)

Source: (Nielsen Media Research)


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