See the top Google searches of 2021

See the top Google searches of 2021

In the age of Google, it's not at all surprising to realize that our greatest confidant and holder of our deepest secrets is a simple search bar with a flickering cursor. Free of others' judgments, we can ask it any question we , at any time during the day, and get an answer in a fraction of a second.

From queries “What is the meaning of life?” to “What is twerking?” the things we search for on Google speak volumes about the cultural zeitgeist of our times. While this collective consciousness was once the subject of hours of study by philosophers and novelists, today all you need is an Internet connection and a little tool called Google Trends to check our nation's cultural pulse.

At Visme, we got a little curious to see just how much our interests and concerns have changed over time, so we visualized a few surprising (and some disturbing) search trends over the last 12 years. Here is what we found…

1 Narcissist

Many thought leaders and psychologists have questioned whether we're living through an epidemic of narcissism, spurred by social media, attention-seeking celebrities and self-absorbed millennials. Since we're all evidently so self-aware, it makes sense that we would go to Google to ask whether we fit the description of a narcissist or not.  

As seen in the time-lapse map above, the volume of Google searches for the word “narcissist” has grown exponentially in the last 12 years (the darker the color of the state, the greater the relative search volume). The trend seems to follow the same pattern exhibited by other related search terms such as “millennial” and “selfie.”  

2 Turmeric

In the Food & Drink category, turmeric, the main spice in curry, has exploded in popularity over the last few years. According to Google's Food Trends report, the exponential growth is a result of Americans' growing desire to learn about the effects and benefits of functional foods and how best to use them in their recipes.

For example, when Americans search for videos on turmeric, they're searching for how to use the ingredient to combat everything from arthritis and joint pain to high cholesterol and skin disorders.

Other notable rising stars in this category include the search terms “Pho” (a Vietnamese dish), “pork shoulder,” “mug cake” and “rigatoni.”

The indispensable fluid “water” consistently appears year after year at the top of the most searched list of the Food & Drink category.

3 Motivational Quotes

Besides an epidemic of narcissism, we also seem to be living through a so-called wisdom epidemic in which inspiration is becoming increasingly commoditized. Just take a look at your Instagram or feeds to find all kinds of generic motivational quotes with overused boat and ocean metaphors.

Did you know you can add animated Gif's and combine with text and shapes to create visual graphics and Presentations using Visme?

In line with this trend, the search for “motivational quotes” and “inspirational quotes” has steadily increased in the past decade.

4 Finding Purpose

Another interesting trend that is perhaps correlated to the increasing volume of searches for “finding purpose” is the steady increase in searches for “bible verses” and “daily horoscope.”

As expected, the Bible belt states exhibit the most activity in terms of searches for “bible verses,” while the rest of the nation, especially the northeastern region, registers the most searches for “daily horoscope.”

5 Cheating Wife

One surprising trend, perhaps due to the fact that women are reportedly cheating as much as men, is the steady and notorious increase in the number of searches for “cheating wife,” which is even greater than the search for “cheating husband” (this is assuming that the term is not a variation of “cheating on wife,” in which case it is still interesting to note that both are steadily increasing over time.)

In the category of Family & Relationships, we also found that the search for the term “pick up lines” is increasing with every passing year, reaching its peak during February, presumably near Valentine's Day.

Both of these search trends just go to show that as time goes on, Americans are increasingly ly to confide Google with their deepest insecurities and burning questions.

6 DIY Abortion

One particularly revealing trend is the rise in the number of searches for “how to have a miscarriage” or “how to self abort.” According to New York Times columnist Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, this is most ly due to the closing of abortion clinics in states where it is becoming increasingly difficult to get an abortion.

If you look at the following time-lapse map, you'll see that the volume of searches for these terms is greatest in states where there are major abortion restrictions, such as Texas and Tennessee.

7 Inequality

Google Trends also reveals that issues such as discrimination and identity relations are increasingly on people's minds. If you look at the search volumes for terms “bigotry,” “white privilege,” “racism definition,” “xenophobia,” “ageist” and “misogyny,” you'll see a sustained increase in the last six to seven years.

8 Personality Types

Thanks to Susan Cain's widely popular book Quiet, the need to understand introverts and how to tap into their hidden talents has soared in the past four years. Just look at the volume of searches for “introvert” or “extraversion and introversion” and you'll see a steady increase since 2007.

9 Weed

In accordance with the growing support for legalizing the recreational use of marijuana (58% support it today versus 12% in 1969), the search volume for terms “weed,” “cannabis” and “kush” has increased exponentially in the last decade.

10 Stay-At-Home Moms

Perhaps as a result of the rise in stay-at-home mothers and telecommuting options, the number of searches for terms related to “jobs from home,” “flexible jobs,” “work from home” and “stay at home moms” has increased in a sustained manner over the past 12 years.

At the same time, searches for “daycare” and “babysitter” has increased at a relatively slow pace over the last 12 years.

Did you find any of these trends particularly surprising or revealing? Do you know of any search trends you don't see here? If so, we'd love to hear from you. Just drop us a line in the comments section below, and we'll get back to you.


Google Search Statistics (2021): 17+ Facts You Need to Know

See the top Google searches of 2021

Have you used Google today? 

Google is the world’s largest search engine, and it has over 1 billion people who use it’s products and services. Chances are that if you haven’t used Google today, your co-worker or a family member has. 

To comprehend the sheer size of Google, we need to understand the extent of the internet as a whole. Google is an indexing and searching service which provides us with connections to websites and pages our specific search queries. 

While Google might index everything you could ever think of, the internet as a whole is a much bigger thing. Studies show that Google indexes 35 trillion web pages and more than 2.4 million searches happen through the search engine every minute. However, some studies show that the internet as a whole is home to a whopping 17.5 quadrillion different pages.

While Google still has significant room to grow, it has by far the biggest collection of web pages available on the internet. This massive number of web pages available gives Google promising marketing potential, which makes it an essential marketing tool for businesses. 

Here are some remarkable Google search statistics to examine when you’re looking at it from a broader perspective.

Googles’ global dominance

You might already know that Google is the biggest search engine in the world, but did you know that it accounts for a whopping 76% of global internet searches compared to other search engines? To get an idea of how global Google is, you should know that it is completely uncensored in all countries apart from Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria, where it’s either banned or censored.

1. Top Search engines market share worldwide

Google dominates the field of search engines with more than a 90% market portion. The second most popular search engine on the market is Bing with 2.78% and other companies have even smaller percentages: Yahoo 1.6%, Baidu 0.92%, Yandex 0.85%, and DuckDuckGo 0.5%. 


2. Google search queries growth: 1999 – 2019

The growth rate of global internet users is 8.2% per year. Google searches completed per year grew around 10% per year between 2009-2012. these numbers and a historical graph showing stats from 1999-2012, we can estimate that Google Search Queries per year grew by roughly 10%.

To put things into perspective, take a look at the stats from Google’s early days.

Shortly after it was founded in 1998, Google processed only 10,000 internet searches per day. While that number seems insignificant now, it was huge at the time. Only a year later, that number rose to 3.5 million search queries per day. That’s a 17,000% year-to-year increase in searches. Talk about growth!

Less than a year after that, there were a whopping 18 million Google searches performed every day.

In the years that followed, statistics show that searches on Google kept increasing at a lightning-fast pace, helping it to reach global dominance of internet search engines.

Although Google certainly won’t ever have the same exponential search growth rate as in the beginning (since almost everyone in the world is already using it), it will definitely continue being a search engine force to be reckoned with.


3. There are 40,000 Google searches every second

Not a second goes by that Google doesn’t have about 40,000 search queries to process. This means that globally, Google processes more than 3.5 billion searches every day, and 1.2 trillion searches every year.


4. Google’s annual revenue growth: 2002 – 2019

Google is not only a search engine, it’s also a huge business owner. It owns numerous different online services and is up there with digital giants such as Apple, Amazon, , and Microsoft. The combination of these companies activities accounts for most of the internet’s widespread activity.

Due to its marketing potential, Google is also a driving force in the business world. Since it’s the most popular search engine, different industries benefit from Google advertisements. This has grown to such an extent that it’s advertising revenue reached $ in 2017.


5. Top 10 global Google searches in 2019

The following are the most searched words on Google globally in 2019:

  1. India vs South Africa
  2. Cameron Boyce
  3. Copa America
  4. Bangladesh vs India
  5. iPhone 11
  6. Game of Thrones
  7. Avengers: Endgame
  8. Joker
  9. Notre Dame
  10. ICC Cricket World Cup

Globally, the most searched words on Google in 2019 were “India vs. South Africa.” That’s in reference to the cricket match that took place in September at the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup.

While people around the world were primarily interested in the latest sporting events in 2019, top Google searches in the US painted a slightly different picture.  In comparison, the 5 most popular Google searches in the US were “Disney Plus”, “Cameron Boyce”, “Nipsey Hussle”, “Hurricane Dorian”, and “Antonio Brown”.

People in the US mostly wanted to learn more about Disney Plus, the new subscription video-on-demand streaming service.They also wanted to read up on certain celebrities, as well as to stay up-to-date with the latest news on the devastating hurricane that hit the Bahamas.

What’s really interesting is that Disney Plus was launched on November 12, 2019. So, in less than two months, it managed to get to the top of all 2019 US Google trend searches. It surpassed all of the other annual searches in the country.


6. 92.26% of all global searches take place on Google

Google’s search engine popularity is incredible. It dominates the global search market share, with 76% of all searches happening on its domain. Baidu is second with 15%, while Yahoo, Yandex, Ask, DuckDuckGo, Naver, AOL, and Dogpile have a collective share of 9%.


7. Top 5 domains with the most visits

As the leading domain, Google counts 74.14 billion visits, followed by with 27.365 billion visits, with 21.35 billion visits, Baidu with 6.38 billion visits, and with 4.54 billion visits.


8. Google Search Index contains more than 100,000,000 GB

The size of the Google Search Index is huge – more than 100,000,000 GB. The size may seem shocking, but Google’s website crawlers have indexed hundreds of billions of web pages.


9. Google has the highest search market share in Brazil with 95%

Google search popularity is highest in Brazil with a 95% search market share. It’s least popular in China, where it has a market share of only 8.04%.


Google consumers’ searching habits

What’s quite fascinating is that the percentage of new searches hasn’t changed since 2013. Google search statistics show that 25% of all searches were completely new in 2007, never seen by Google before.

Apart from constantly searching for new stuff, people are also increasingly searching on Google using natural language. This means that they are typing in their queries using the same wording as if they were talking to a real person. There are more and more conversational search queries which help people to find more specific answers to their questions.

Similarly, users are also increasingly using voice search to find their answers more efficiently.

Yet another change affecting Google consumers’ search habits is people’s growing impatience. They add words such as “nearby,” “near me,” “open,” and “now” to their queries to quickly find various desired services for instant engagement.

Finding a specific restaurant, for instance, isn’t going to cut it anymore. They want one that they can immediately go to or order from.

These Google search statistics compel many businesses to invest in local SEO on Google, helping consumers to find them easier.

Since Google is the world’s biggest search engine by far, it’s only natural that users are going to develop different searching habits.

Google stats show that the searching habits of Google users vary wildly, with an impressive 15% of all searches being the first of their kind. This bizarrely high percentage owes some of its size to misspellings, errors, and faults in the search query.

Google indexes all sorts of things from industries, hobbies, and other services. They all contribute to the massive Google search popularity and diverse user base.

10. 23.98% of searches on Google are at least two words long

People typically use two words (23.98%), one word (27.71%), and three words (19.60%) in their Google search query. Fewer people use 4 (13.89%), 5 (8.70%), or 6+ words (12.12%) in Google searches.


11. Between 16% and 20% of all annual Google searches are new.

Google processes between 16% and 20% entirely new searches every year. Those are search queries that no one has used before.


12. More than 60% of total Google searches come from mobile devices

Mobile use is still on the rise, so it’s natural that Google searches performed on mobile devices (over 60%, as estimated in 2019) keep rising too.


13. In 2019, mobile devices accounted for 69% of all Google’s paid ads clicks in the US

In Q2 of 2019, 69% of Google’s paid ads clicks in the US came from mobile. This is significantly higher than mobile clicks on Bing, which only had 34% of its clicks from mobile sources.


14. Google has over 1 billion users of its products and services

Google’s products and services have more than 1 billion users worldwide, and the number keeps increasing. With 250.5 million users, Google Sites has the biggest customer base.


15. Google’s “near me” searches on mobile increased by more than 250%

46% of Google Searches are local. And with a huge increase of 250% in local (near me) searches on mobile between 2017-2019, businesses should invest more effort in local SEO and mobile optimization.


16. For every $1 a business invests in Google Ads, they earn $8 in profit through Google Search

Investing in Google Ads can be very lucrative – turning every $1 into $8. In 2018, Google Search boosted the US economy by $335 billion.


17. Random Google search statistics

Consumers are rapidly adopting voice search technology, as it helps them to quickly find answers to their burning questions. This is only natural, since we speak much faster than we type. According to many experts, 30% of all searches will be performed by voice in 2020. We’re bound to continue to see a higher spike in voice search volume in the coming years.

When it comes to Google Images, they account for 22.6% of all internet searches, but actually makeup 62.6% of all searches on Google Web Search.

This high interest in images is ly to prompt businesses to invest more in visual content.

Google stats show that voice search (with 20%) and Google images search (with 22.

6%) are on the rise. 

Another interesting fact is that an average search session on Google doesn’t last longer than 1 minute.

Google Trends is a free search service by Google that allows you to find a wealth of different top searches on Google. You can find Google trends by state or country, trends by year, how many people use Google per day, and much more.

With Google Trends, you can discover daily and real-time trending searches, find niches and niche topics, uncover seasonal trends in various industries, use it for Google keyword trends, and even compare competitors’ positions on the market. You can also compare different queries made over specific periods of time, and view graphs for better visualizing the search volume data.

Figuring out how to find top Google searches using Google Trends is pretty straightforward. You simply need to enter a search term or a topic into the search bar and see the magic unfold before your eyes. 

The site has a search bar at the top as well as a Trending Searches feature. It also has a Year in Search feature with a lot of different categories to explore, such as news, people, athletes, diets, movies, home-style searches, and more.

With Google Trends, you can instantly see the latest stories and insights, recent Google searches anywhere in the world, the most searched words on Google, and all of the data visualization charts.


These Google search statistics show us that Google has been on a steady rise ever since its creation and seems to show no signs of slowing down. Few websites can boast that they have reached the numbers that Google has.

Search engines will continue to play a crucial role in our daily lives, so we can safely assume that Google isn’t going anywhere any time soon.


Top Google Searches (2021)

See the top Google searches of 2021

Are you wondering what people in the United States (and around the World) are searching for the most? Then you’re in luck!

We’ve pulled two lists from our database of 9.5 billion keywords:

#KeywordSearch Volume
7yahoo mail50,500,422
12google translate42,094,748
13home depot34,159,327
14usps tracking30,680,995
17fox news30,147,246
18google docs28,933,670
20google maps27,517,382
21google classroom25,227,858
26amazon prime21,274,403
28speed test20,218,156
31google drive18,254,849
36best buy16,449,915
37aol mail16,385,825
38bank of america16,219,137
39wells fargo14,946,460
43ups tracking13,850,082
49disney plus13,053,552
50you tube12,096,249
53thank you coronavirus helpers11,765,054
57 login11,297,083
59doodle for google11,129,635
61dow jones10,596,678
62fedex tracking10,448,471
63capital one10,362,865
70harbor freight8,790,295
73internet speed test8,567,872
74womens world cup 20198,204,092
76nfl scores8,051,002
83pizza hut7,342,946
84google flights7,280,772
85google scholar7,272,891
86restaurants near me7,263,126
88 to mp37,254,283
90google news7,132,026
94amazon prime video6,739,599
97yahoo finance6,510,294

Before we move on to the next list of trending keywords, it’s important to understand what search volume is and how it works.

Search volume

Search volume shows how many times a given keyword gets searched for in Google per month. And because the search demand on many keywords tends to fluctuate from month to month, the number that we give you is an annual average.

#KeywordSearch Volume
5whatsapp web500,011,833
11google translate238,522,372
14yahoo mail140,616,976
20google maps111,382,823
26google classroom90,619,616
32you tube67,459,233
34speed test65,069,348
37australian open59,178,192
38google drive58,671,864
39bbc news57,529,733
42google traduction54,110,884
44amazon prime51,594,949
46le bon coin51,471,406
51 login46,527,025
55google docs45,130,401
60home depot40,074,755
61google tradutor37,587,006
62banco de venezuela37,260,685
64mercado livre36,061,817
65wa web35,939,575
68mercado libre34,840,789
72fox news33,149,126
74google scholar32,716,251
78programme tv32,189,819
79usps tracking32,075,735
83amazon prime video29,704,800
86 to mp328,850,195
90e devlet27,282,368
97ebay kleinanzeigen25,827,057
100office 36525,056,895

I know Ahrefs has a ton of customers from all around the world, and hopefully everyone will find a fun keyword from their country in this list.

You can see that, as with our list of US queries, most of the top global queries are branded.

However, there are some brands that don’t make an appearance on the US list including Meteo, AliExpress, and the BBC. This makes sense, as none of these are US-based companies.

There are also lots of searches for translation tools.

#KeywordSearch Volume
2google translate238,522,372
6google traduction54,110,884
7google tradutor37,587,006

If we sum the search volume from these keywords, we get almost 800,000.

That means more people are searching for translations on Google than for Amazon and Hotmail combined.

Top 100+ Google searches in 187 countries

Looking to see more than the top 100 Google searches?

Go to Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer, choose Google as the search engine, leave the search field blank, then hit search. You’ll see every keyword in our database for your chosen country, sorted by monthly search volume in descending order.

Need to see the most searched keywords in another country?

Hit the dropdown and choose one of the 187 countries in our database.

We also show SEO metrics Keyword Difficulty (KD), Clicks, CPC, and Parent topic for each keyword.

To see the current top-ranking pages for any query, hit the SERP button.

Top 100+ Google searches in your niche

Did you know that you can use the keyword ideas reports in Keywords Explorer to find the most popular searches on any topic?

For example, if you search for “Netflix” and go to the “Phrase match” report, there are over 2.5 million keyword ideas sorted by monthly search volume.

How is this useful?

Imagine that you run a movie reviews website. You could filter this report for queries containing the word “review” to find the most popular Netflix shows people want reviews for.

If you then add a Keyword Difficulty filter into the mix, you can narrow down the report to find the easiest topics to rank for.

Fancy doing some keyword research for your site?

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