3 Ways College Students Can Make the Most of Summer Break

26 Smarter Ways to Make Your College Summer Break More Productive

3 Ways College Students Can Make the Most of Summer Break

Summer break is back again, the weather is clearing up, and we students have some much deserved time on our hands! What do we do with ourselves? Well, there is a little known secret that what we do over summer break is really what sets us apart from the crowd when we start applying to grown-up jobs. This is where we can truly gain some much needed experience, get ahead in college credits, volunteer for a good cause, and so much more. There are countless ways to make your college summer break more productive, so let’s find out more, shall we?

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Start with a College Summer Break Plan:

Quick check! Are you an incoming college freshman? If so, you should check out: 20 Essential Things to Do the Summer Before College Starts! Pair that with this post and you will be set!

Okay now before we dive in, let’s quickly talk about planning. Before you hit summer break, consider creating a summer attack plan. It doesn’t have to be intense, it could be half filled with a summer bucket list with ideas “go to the beach for a date,” and “read 10 books.

” Starting your summer with a decent attack plan will ensure you get more things done! Another great way to be more productive is to use a productivity timer, easy to use and super effective! If you have some projects you need to knock out, check out my ultimate guide to project planning (includes a freebie!).

Make some Much Needed Money:

The first few things we can do over our college summer break is get our finances in check. College is expensive! No big surprise there… So let’s get our finances in order and build up some cash for upcoming school year.

  • Start a Side Hustle: Blogging is, hands down, the absolute best side hustle you can start up while in college. There are so many amazing reasons to start a blog, including the opportunity to make some serious cash and beef up your resume. It is pretty easy to set up and the summer is the perfect time to begin! Check out this post on how to start a blog and this post on the best class to take to get you going (and the only class you’ll ever need to take in the blogging world). PS: HERE is a free five-day blogging crash course offered by my favorite bloggers over at It’s A Lovely Life. Check it out!

Sign up for the FREE 5-Day Start A Money Making Blog Crash Course

  • Work a Part-Time or Full-Time Job: Another great way make some money is obviously to work over the summer. Jobs with tips are a great way to quickly make money. But jobs in your future career field are way better!
  • Apply for Scholarships: Many people don’t realize this, but when applying to scholarships, you make more money by the hour than (nearly) any other job you will have in your lifetime. Think about it, if it takes you two hours to apply for a $1,000 scholarship, and you get it, you basically just got paid $500 an hour! That is a pretty good use of time! If you’re looking for more guidance at applying for scholarships, check out this post on my 12 winning pieces of advice and this post for my ultimate #1 tip.
  • Work on Grant Applications (grad students): Summer is the perfect time to start knocking out some graduate student grant applications. Especially if you are having some down time from your class and thesis work. Speaking of grad school, this post covers my top tips and resources for grad students.
  • Create a Budget to get your Finances in Check: Creating a budget is absolutely the number one way to manage your money, both during and after college. I can’t stress this enough. Having some time off during summer is a great time to begin creating the perfect budget for yourself for the next year. Check out this post on how to create the perfect budget (includes a freebie!) and this post on my ultimate guide to saving money in college.

Beef up Your Resume:

Next up, let’s talk about beefing up our resume over college summer break. This is a perfect time to get some much needed experience under our belts that you wouldn’t otherwise have time for.

The good news is that many companies and organizations expect a ton of student interest during this time, so countless opportunities open up! So, how can you better your resume over college summer break? Let’s dive in.

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  • Complete an Internship: The best way to get your name out there and get some serious experience built up is through internships. Unfortunately, only about half of internships are paid, which is why I highly recommend starting a blog at the same time. Try to find a mentor, gain as much knowledge as you can, and begin networking as soon as you get there!
  • Volunteer for a Good Cause: Another great way to gain some experience is to volunteer. No matter how much time you commit to, it will be incredibly beneficial no matter what. If you’re looking for a good place to start researching local volunteer groups, start with your city call and local community groups, such as your local Lions Club.
  • Study Abroad: Summer is one of the best times to study abroad. There are countless reasons to study abroad, seeing the world, gaining some credit hours, networking, and so much more. As an added bonus, it is actually a lot cheaper than you might think. And there are thousands of scholarships out there to help you out! If you’re interested in studying abroad, check out my ultimate guide! And, if you are in need of some inspiration on why you should absolutely study abroad, check out this post.
  • Learn a New Language: Whether or not you decide to study abroad, you can absolutely learn a new language over the summer. This is a great resume booster and is a lot of fun! You can always start with great apps the famous Rosetta Stone and even take a community college evening course! (They are surprisingly cheap and you don’t have to transfer it over to your home university if you don’t want to…)
  • Begin Networking: No matter which direction your summer takes you, I recommend you setup a LinkedIn account and begin networking. I also HIGHLY recommend creating your own business cards ASAP (these are super easy to make from home!). The sooner you begin, the more you will be thanking yourself in the future.
  • Join a Professional Organization: One of the best pieces of advice I have been given in college is to join a professional organization. This has increased my network ten-fold and given me career opportunities I would never have even dreamed. The good news is there are professional organizations in nearly all career fields. It might be scary at first but just begin attending monthly or weekly meetings and you will get more comfortable soon enough!
  • Learn a New Career Skill: Finally, no matter which path you take through the summer, gaining a new career skill is incredibly important. This may include learning a new computer programming language, how how to use specific software that is important in your career field, or even how to simply use Microsoft Office! Research your career to see what would be best for you.

Get Ahead of the Game:

Perhaps you’re looking to get ahead in your college career over the summer. Or simply just become more prepared for the upcoming fall semester. Your college summer break is the perfect time to begin planning for your future and getting ahead in the game.

  • Take some Summer Classes: Summer classes may not be incredibly popular but are a great way to get ahead in college credits. You can do this at your home university or, what I recommend, at a local community college and transfer them. You’ll save a ton of money that way! But, make sure your university allows it…
  • Prepare for the Upcoming Fall Semester: You will have to eventually begin preparing for the upcoming fall semester. Be sure to check out my back to school guide, college semester preparation checklist (includes a freebie!) and student printable planner!
  • Begin Researching Graduate Schools or Future Job Opportunities: Now is the perfect time to start researching your next move after you graduate college. Are you heading off to grad school? Perhaps there is a new internship on the horizon? HERE is my grad school complete guide!
  • Study for Future Entrance or Licensing Exams: Depending on your future plans, you may need to pass a graduate entrance exam (such as the GRE or GMAT for most grad programs, LSAT for law school, MCAT for med school and the TOEFL for international grad students). You may also need to take a licensing exam after you graduate (such as the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam for engineers). Most of these exams require a minimum of 3 months of study time… better start now!
  • Research/Decide Your Future Career Path: Perhaps you haven’t chosen your career path yet and are still bouncing between majors? I know, I’ve been there. Now is a great time to look into it! Check out my Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Career for more info, and check out Now What? by Nicholas Lore, I can’t recommend it enough.
  • Finally Finish a Big Project You’ve Started: Now is also a fantastic time to finally get some unfinished projects done. If you need some help with project planning, check out this post (includes a free printable project planner!).
  • Experiment with a New Productivity System: A great way to get ahead is to establish a new productivity system. Check out my top tips here for some inspiration!

Take some Time to Enjoy your Summer:

Alright, your college summer break isn’t ALL about getting ahead of the game and being productive. You just finished a full year of college! You should take some time to reward yourself by actually enjoying the good weather. Here are some ideas to get you on your way.

  • Get Crafty: College summer break is the perfect time to get your craft on and find some cool Pinterest projects to do! My next project is to fill up my new cute summer scrapbook!
  • Find a New Hobby: You can also spend some time taking on a new hobby! With hobbies, the possibilities are completely endless. Hiking? Knitting? Scrapbooking? Reading? The world is your oyster.
  • Practice Stress Management: Again, summer is a great time to step back and take a break. Focus on other things than your stressful college life! Check out my favorite ways to de-stress here.
  • Spend time with Family and Friends: My final tip is to spend some quality time with your family and friends. The school year can be hectic and leave you with little time to socialize. Now is a great time to catch up!

Yellowstone National Park

There you have it, my top ideas for ensuring your summer college break is productive, fun, and useful! I hope you have found a few ideas to help you get ahead of the game. You will be on your way to a successful future career in no time. Have a fun and exciting summer break!

Summer is the best time to start a money-making blog. Check out the top 10 reasons you should start yours today!

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10 Things Every College Student Should Do This Summer | Big Ideas Blog

3 Ways College Students Can Make the Most of Summer Break

You’ve finished all your term projects, aced all those finals (hopefully), and packed up the last of your belongings from your dorm room.

All that hard work this past semester has taken its toll, and now it’s time for a much deserved break. Summer break is upon us and images of sitting on the beach, catching up with friends, and soaking up the sun all come to mind.

But what gaining experiences that further our potential to become more marketable to employers?! Didn’t think so.

This summer, find the perfect balance of learning more about your field of study, getting work experience, while also enjoying your downtime. Let go of the stress from the academic year for the next few months and do what will benefit and advance your unique career path.

Here are the 10 things every college student should do this summer:

1. Learn a new skill to add to your resume

By learning a new skill, not only can you impress future employers, but it can also make you more marketable when you go on the job hunt. Search for industry wide programs commonly used in your field of study such as Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, as well as Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, or even a programming language, depending on what career you want to pursue.

2. Get an internship

If you’re going into your junior or senior year of college, find a great internship that can further your experience and knowledge of your industry.

With a summer internship you’ll gain insight into your field of study and also beef up your resume.

Still undecided about your career path? An internship is a great way to help you explore different career options before you dive into the job market.

“How I got an internship with MTV” http://t.co/9L4fpYgD5o (via @SUNYOswego) pic..com/mkv15Pl93y

— State U of New York (@SUNY) May 12, 2014

3. Work a summer job

If you’re not interning this summer, there’s no denying you can still find work experience and build your resume with a summer job near your home.

Call up your old boss from your part-time job in high school or search your town for places trying to fill a position.

Whether you’re working as a lifeguard or in food service, employers want to see that you have experience in a work environment and are responsible. Plus, you’ll have some extra money in your pocket.

4. Make a budget

Now that you’ve earned all this money, what do to with it? Spend it all on a shopping spree? Buy a new iPad? Whoa, take is easy. Make a budget for the next semester so you can keep track of your spending.

Set a spending limit each month for food, rent, transportation, school supplies, entertainment, and other expenses.

Talk with your parents about your financial situation and consider getting a credit card if you don’t have one already.

5. Email your professors

In the beginning of the summer, take the time to send out a few thank you emails to your professors. Think about it- your professors are all industry professionals, have extensive knowledge of potential careers, and can even be your connection to a future job, so why not send them an email this summer? A simple email can leave a great lasting impression of you.

6. Get letters of recommendation

Having an impressive letter of recommendation (or a few) is super beneficial, and sometimes required, when submitting a job application.

Get your recommendations in order this summer by asking past professors of classes you excelled in or previous employers to put your accomplishments, character, and work ethic into words.

A great letter of recommendation is both personal and could showcase your talents that can’t be inferred from a resume.

7. Catch up on reading

Unwind after a long day by sitting down with a good book. Pick out a New York Times Best Seller, an old classic, or a how-to book to open your mind and learn something new. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to catch up on some reading for one of your classes next semester. Could use some ideas? Check out this list of our ‘must-read’ books!

8. Explore New York!

Don’t have plans of going on a big, lavish vacation this summer? No problem at all. The State of New York has such a diverse landscape, there’s no need to travel far to find excitement. Hike the Adirondack Mountains, go fishing in the Finger Lakes, attend a music festival, or spend the day in New York City- you’re sure to find something the daily routine.

9. Take an online summer course

Low cost, convenience, and no commute- what’s not great about taking an online course this summer? Plus, you’ll be able to get ahead, lessen your workload for next semester, and even get on track to graduate on time. Through Open SUNY, you have access to over 5,000 SUNY courses offered this summer alone.

10. Follow SUNY and SUNYsocial on social media!

Stay updated with the latest on campus news, student life, and advice from college students on how to make the most your college experience. We’re always here to chat and answer your questions on , , and Instagram!

Which SUNY mascot are you? Take our quiz to find out!

Which SUNY mascot are you? Take our quiz to find out! http://t.co/VJbTOaabiQ pic..com/UxQ2R8Eq2d

— SUNYsocial (@SUNYsocial) May 14, 2014

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May 15, 2014

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College Students: How to Make the Most Money During Summer Break

3 Ways College Students Can Make the Most of Summer Break

If you’re a full-time college student, a part-time job during the school year is all you can handle. Schoolwork and grades are your primary focus, as they should be, which means little money coming in for food, entertainment, or paying down college debt.

You eat more ramen noodles than you ever thought a human should consume in a lifetime, and you dream of the day when you can eat real food, buy new clothes, and have a housing situation that doesn’t include a roommate who leaves his dirty socks in the shower.

Summertime is your ray of hope. You can work a full-time job, even if it’s only for a few months, and fill your coffers before going to back to your role as a poor college student again in the fall.

However, before you’ve taken your last final of the year and closed that book for the last time, you should start planning how you’re going to make money during summer break. Even if you have a full-time gig set up, consider supplementing it with another job to earn as much as possible. More money in your bank account can reduce the need for student loans.

When you graduate and enter the workforce, you’ll have less student debt hanging over your head and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to eat some actual food during the school year.

1. Walk dogs

College Students: How To Make The Most Money During Your Summer Break Walk Dogs

People love their dogs and hate the thought of leaving their furry friends cooped up all day while they’re at work. The bonus for you: you get some exercise.

2. Sell those books

Are you ever going to need your copy of The Impressionist and Realism Movements during the Franco-Prussian War? Books are a major college expense; unless you need them as reference material for future classes, sell them!

3. Become a virtual assistant

A lot of businesses and people will farm out their more tedious tasks such as answering emails and doing research, which you can do from your own computer.

4. Do ‘hits’ on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

From your computer, you can earn money by doing such things as identifying certain images, filling out product descriptions, and completing surveys. Many are quick and only pay a few cents, but there are a lot that pay more, and they’ll add up quickly.

5. If you have your own car, become a Lyft or Uber driver

You get to make your own schedule so you can work your hours around another part-time or full-time job.

6. If you kids, be a babysitter!

There are many babysitting services ­– Care.com and Sittercity.com, for example – that’ll match you up with parents in need of someone to watch little Johnny while they enjoy a night out.

7. Be a landscaper

College Students: How To Make The Most Money During Your Summer Break Landscaper

You can work for a landscaping company or offer to mow your neighbors’ lawns.

8. Become a pet sitter

Rover.com works the same way as the babysitting services do, matching people who need someone to care for their furry friends with people who love pets. Bonus for you: you get to play with dogs and cats for money!

9. Work for a temp agency

Temp agencies offer a variety of jobs and may be a great way to get your foot in the door at a company related to your field of study, or maybe help you qualify for an internship for school credit.

10. Wash and detail cars

Car washes are not the only places in need of washers and detailers. Any car dealership that accepts trade-ins employs these folks as well.

11. Deliver newspapers

Delivering newspapers isn’t just for kids. It needs to be done early in the morning, so it’s ideal as “pre-work” work.

12. Work at an amusement park or other local attraction

Summertime is vacation time and the busiest time of the year for attractions, so they’re always in need of reliable help.

13. Paint houses

College Students: How To Make The Most Money During Your Summer Break Paint House

Spring and summer are the busy seasons for house painting, so that’s when painting services beef up their staff.

14. Work at a resort

If you’re lucky enough to live near a resort destination, try looking there. These positions are often difficult to fill locally so resort owners must look to foreign help.

College is a time to learn and grow, make lifelong friends, and experience new things. It’s not easy, but there’ll never be a time in your life quite it. However, it can also leave you saddled with debt, which may take years to pay off, affecting your finances and perhaps even influencing your employment decisions.

The more you can contribute to your college education while you’re still attending it, the less you’ll have to borrow, which will save you a great deal in the long run and give you a better start when you join “the real world.

” Of course, it also doesn’t hurt to start learning about budgeting and saving now, so that when you do join “the real world” you’ll be able to take it in a stride.

Источник: https://www.nationaldebtrelief.com/college-students-make-money-during-summer-break/

3 Ways College Students Can Make the Most of Summer Break

3 Ways College Students Can Make the Most of Summer Break

After a long school year full of studying, tests, and other school work, it's tempting to want to take the summer off. Unfortunately, that would be a huge mistake. For a college student, summer break is a huge opportunity that can make life after college easier.

It's OK to take some days at the beach or even to take a few weeks off. Unless you go into teaching, you won't be getting summers off after you graduate, so take a little time for fun.

In addition to doing that, however, you also should use the time to invest in your future. Lay the groundwork needed to meet people and gain experiences that will ultimately get you a job.

It's fine to take some time to relax, but you also need to be productive. Image source: Getty Images.

Get job experience

Maurie Backman: I never took a summer off during college, nor did I ever take an easy job that allowed me to work a light schedule and spend the rest of my time on the beach. Rather, I pushed myself to spend my summers earning money and getting solid office experience that would put me in a better position to get hired after college.

One summer, I worked as a customer service rep. It was horrible, but my coworkers were great and the money was better than what my friends were making waiting tables. Another summer, I held down an 80-hour-a-week schedule that not only paid for my entire senior year of college but taught me some valuable skills that would eventually lead to full-time employment once I graduated.

Tempting as it may be to kick back and relax during the summer, if you have an extended break ahead of you, there's a real opportunity to set yourself up financially and career-wise.

It doesn't really matter what sort of job you do as long as you gain some nice experience to put on your resume.

You'll be more than grateful for it down the line — especially when your friends who didn't work are struggling through their post-college job searches and you're getting offers left and right.

Explore careers 

Selena Maranjian: Sure, when the year's last semester ends, you can just get a summer job. But consider spending the summer focused on exploring possible careers.

You can certainly combine those two missions if you can nab a summer job in a field where you think you'd want to work after school. But if not, and if you can do without the income, consider volunteering in your field of interest.

Or tack on a volunteer gig on top of a regular money-earning summer job. 

If you're interested in medicine, for example, you might volunteer at a hospital, where you can learn about various professions in the field and how things work.

If you're interested in law, maybe you can offer your services, pro bono, to a local law firm, in order to gain some insights and experience.

Want a career in business? You might snag an internship at a local company or if need, offer to volunteer there, perhaps, for example, doing research for the marketing department.  

For best results, start thinking about how you'll spend your summer early. In the spring, make the most of your college's career planning or job placement office. Work your school's alumni network, seeking out alums who are in your field of interest or who live near you.

Talk to lots of people — even your friends' parents and your parents' friends, gathering information about all their various careers. You might stumble upon a career that you never thought of that sounds particularly appealing.

You might even end up with a mentor — or at least some connections that could be handy later.  

Do research and reading into various possible careers in the summer, too, when you're not bogged down with your regular academic studies. It's easy to forget when you're in college that you're not just taking courses and socializing, you're there in large part to prepare for your working life.

Build your network

Daniel B. Kline: In many fields, it's not about your grade point average or even what you learned. Instead, you need connections to get started and it's never too early to start making those.

You can and should spend some of your summer building a network. That sounds difficult, but it can be easy if you take a measured approach.

First, identify companies you would to work at. Once you have done that reach out to people who work there explaining that you are a college student looking to enter the field. It's OK to contact human resources or to email specific people if you can find that information.

Work every angle you can. Use social media to let people know what your chosen profession is and ask if anyone can make any introductions. Look for industry events and conferences. Many offer reduced rates for college students.

Basically, get yourself out there. If you meet people and keep in touch, those contacts may be the key to getting hired when you enter the job market.

“,”author”:”Daniel B. Kline, Selena Maranjian, and Maurie Backman (TMFDankline)”,”date_published”:”2018-07-05T11:27:00.000Z”,”lead_image_url”:”https://g.foolcdn.com/editorial/images/486852/vacation.jpg”,”dek”:null,”next_page_url”:null,”url”:”https://www.fool.com/careers/2018/07/05/3-ways-college-students-can-make-the-most-of-summe.aspx”,”domain”:”www.fool.com”,”excerpt”:”You have time off, now use it well.”,”word_count”:856,”direction”:”ltr”,”total_pages”:1,”rendered_pages”:1}

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