2022 Ford E-Transit electric van unveiled with sub-$45,000 price

2022 Ford E-Transit Bows With 126-Mile Range, Sub-$45,000 Base Price

2022 Ford E-Transit electric van unveiled with sub-$45,000 price

Ford has unveiled the 2022 E-Transit, the all-electric version of the world’s best-selling cargo van.

Described as the first all-electric cargo van from a full-line automaker in North America, the E-Transit will offer a choice of eight configurations when its arrives in late 2021. Those will include three roof heights, three lengths, as well as chassis cab and cutaway models. All will feature a rear-wheel-drive all-electric drivetrain.

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A 67 kWh battery located underneath the vehicle body will power a motor projected to make 198 kW (266 HP / 269 PS) of power and 317 lb-ft (429 Nm) of torque.

In North America, the E-Transit will deliver an EPA-estimated range of 126 miles (202 km) in low-roof cargo van guise, while the WLTP-rated range for European models will be 350 km (217 miles).

Ford will offer the electric van with a starting MSRP of under $45,000 for U.S. fleet customers, backed by an eight-year, 100,000-mile electric vehicle component warranty.

Same interior cargo dimensions and mounting points of the gas-powered model

It’s worth noting that the E-Transit offers the same interior cargo dimensions, providing up to 487.3 cubic feet (13.8 cubic meters) of cargo space inside the high-roof, extended-wheelbase variant. For E-Transit cargo vans in the U.S.

, Ford is targeting a maximum payload of 3,800 pounds (1,723 kg), and up to 4,290 pounds (1,946 kg) for cutaway versions. The E-Transit also retains the standard mounting points for continued integration with hundreds of upfitters and vehicle modifiers worldwide.

As a result, all the racks, bins and accessories for the gas-powered Transit are compatible with the E-Transit.

Speaking of the gas-powered Transit, the battery-powered E-Transit is said to offer 40 percent lower scheduled maintenance costs over eight years/100,000 miles (161,000 km) compared to its ICE counterpart. Ford says this will allow companies to improve customer uptime and productivity by avoiding fill-ups – though it seems to conveniently leave aside the fact that the E-Transit will need recharging.

About that, the E-Transit features both AC and DC fast charging, offering a standard Ford Mobile Charger that can plug into a normal 120-volt outlet for slow and steady charging or into a 240-volt outlet for faster charging. The optional Ford Connected Charge Station offers the fastest home charging solution that can fully charge the battery in eight hours.

115 kW DC fast-charging option offers 45 miles of range in 15 minutes

Using a 115-plus-kilowatt DC fast charger, E-Transit cargo van low-roof models can achieve approximately 30 miles (48 km) of range in 10 minutes and approximately 45 miles (72 km) of range in 15 minutes.

When plugged into a 240-volt outlet, E-Transit cargo van low-roof models achieve approximately 10 miles (16 km) per charging hour using the standard Ford Mobile Charger.

Using the optional Ford Connected Charge Station brings the number up to approximately 15 miles (24 km) per charging hour.

Ford also offers the Pro Power Onboard option, which provides up to 2.4 kilowatts of power for North American customers to transform the E-Transit into a mobile generator to power tools and equipment on job sites and on the go – everything from belt sanders to circular saws.

Adding to the 2022 E-Transit’s appeal is Ford’s network of 1,800-plus global commercial vehicle dealers, including 645 commercial vehicle centers across the U.S. for easy sales and service. Importantly, about 90 percent of the dealers in the United States are electric vehicle-certified.

New SYNC 4 infotainment system with 12-inch touch screen as standard

When it comes to styling, the 2022 Ford E-Transit looks just its gas-powered counterpart, except for the blue accents on the grille. It does bring new equipment, headlined by the SYNC 4 infotainment system with a standard 12-inch touch screen, enhanced voice recognition, cloud-enhanced navigation, standard 4G LTE modem, and over-the-air updates.

The Ford Co-Pilot360 safety suite includes additional standard technologies Lane-Keeping System and Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking, as well as available Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control with Speed Sign Recognition, Intelligent Speed Assist, Blind Spot Information System with Blind Spot Assist, a 360-degree camera and Reverse Brake Assist.

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Ford to Offer All-Electric Transit Van for 2022

2022 Ford E-Transit electric van unveiled with sub-$45,000 price

Ground clearance and towing capacity are severely lackingThe now-ubiquitous term stands for sport utility vehicle.

When I see those letters attached to a car, I expect that car to clear taller obstacles, hold more of my stuff, and haul a heavier trailer than a similarly sized and powered sedan or wagon.

We know as well as anyone that search volume for “electric SUVs” is a magnitude larger than it is for “electric crossovers,” but words still have meaning.

At the 2020 Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, Ford announced that it would soon bring to market an all-electric Transit. Due by the 2022 model year, the zero-emissions version of the popular cargo van will join the F-150 and Mustang Mach-E as part of the Blue Oval's all-electric stable.

The EV version of the Ford Transit van will be built in the U.S., available in three roof heights and three lengths, with cargo van, cutaway, and chassis cab bodies on offer. Other tech details are sparse. We presume the all-electric Transit will feature a range that's probably better than that of the not-for-U.S. Mercedes-Benz eSprinter.

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Mercedes' legendary van lineup has offered an EV variant since December, with two different battery options. The 55-kWh version has a maximum payload of just under 2,000 pounds and a range of about 93 miles, while the cargo-optimized 41-kWh version has a shorter range of 71 miles but a larger payload rating of about 2,300 pounds.

However, American work vehicles often travel further than European ones, since the U.S. skews more toward suburban sprawl than tight city confines. As such, we think an all-electric Transit would need a minimum range of 150 miles, with a payload rating of 2,000 pounds or so.

© Truck Trend Network Staff 2021-ford-transit-all-electric

Ford is marketing the Transit EV to take advantage of rising demand for “last mile” delivery and e-commerce. In “last mile” situations, packages and cargo are delivered en masse via large trucks to a distribution center on the outskirts of town, then loaded into city-friendly vans and trucks to be delivered to their destinations.

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This use case traditionally involves shorter routes, with a delivery van usually following a logical path through the city with a minimum of backtracking. Route-optimized, urban settings are ideal for electric vehicles, particularly since many city centers have plans to ban internal-combustion vehicles within city limits in the near future.

Electric vehicles make a lot of sense in urban environments since internal-combustion vehicles usually emit a disproportionate amount of pollutants at lower speeds than when cruising.

An EV's zero tailpipe emissions, instantaneous torque, and regenerative braking make it a good fit for the cut-and-thrust of downtown traffic, reducing pollution and particulate emissions while also providing good performance and reduced brake wear. Quieter operation is another bonus.

However, the all-electric Transit doesn't really offer many practical solutions to the largest obstacle to widespread EV adoption: charging infrastructure. The Transit will benefit from access to Ford's charging network, which the company claims will be the nation's largest.

However, to really take advantage of an EV's benefits, fleet operators would be better off installing their own charging stations at the home base. That expense could be insurmountable for some small businesses unless they can borrow against the savings from an EV's reduced vehicle maintenance and cost-per-mile.

Regardless, we foresee larger companies UPS, FedEx, and potentially Amazon adopting the all-electric Transit to prepare for an EV-centric future.

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Ted Cannis, Global Director Electrification with Ford, announces Ford will debut an all-electric version of the Ford Transit for the U.S. and Canada for the 2022 …

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